Paper Roses, Paper Roses…

Well, the dynamic duo were back together again, and of course we had a lot of fun at the garage sales and thrift stores we visited.  Not that we bought very much; this week most of the fun was in the looking.

We thought we would swing by and check out the local thrift store with the worst stuff.  We’ve never been there without being horrified by something in the store.  Since we have inquiring minds, we wonder how so much bad stuff ends up in one place; one theory is that XYZ thrift store is a nexus of evil.  Take this picture for example:

We know these photos have a lot of glare, but it’s obvious that those roses are made of  paper–toilet paper, we think.  Guess that if you were in the bathroom and ran out of paper, you could always rip a hunk off this picture, and no one would blame you.  It could function as a discreet stash of T.P. and questionable decoration all at once.

These napkins were found a couple of weeks ago, and are as sweet as can be.  There’s a story that goes along with this photo, that goes to show we should mind our pronunskiation, as Popeye would say.


I found these while Kathy was out of town, and I was shopping with Beloved Husband.  I was amused by the box and the minty condition of the napkins; nice white damask napkins are always handy things to have for entertaining.  While checking out, the clerk asked me what was in the box.  I might have looked at him kind of funny, since the box is clearly labeled Table Damask Set.  But I said “Damask” and noticed both the clerk and my husband giving me a surprised look.  I thought “Why was that surprising?” and I  continued writing my check.  While I was putting my wallet away, my husband said “Why did you call him [the clerk] that?”  I looked puzzled, so B.H. said “Dumb-ass”  and I started laughing which only confused the poor fellows.  I said “Damask” about five times, and pointed to the box, at which point we were all laughing.  Now whenever any one in our house says or does something questionable, the other says “Damask!”

We think that the next two things are just weird:


Since when do china plates go with embossed aluminum?  We were puzzling over the serving dish, when we spotted the basket.  Usually these aluminum serving/decorative pieces are all aluminum.  We had never seen this combo before, and aren’t really sure it works.  If I were going to combine the two, I might use a different decal, something floral perhaps.  I’m pretty sure that old English scenes are not what you think of when you are looking at 1950’s aluminum-ware.

We never knew that a kit was required for the next childhood activity–playing doctor:

I was mightily tempted by the cute graphics on this 1960’s kids’ doctor kit–and it even had all the plastic accoutrements inside!  But, I already have a real stethoscope, glass syringes, and other assorted old-fashioned medical equipment, I don’t need a kiddie version.  Really, I don’t!

We love rhinestones and think they enhance almost everything, except this outfit:

We aren’t sure why a pink double-knit suit needed rhinestone buttons all the way down the front.  It might have been pretty cool-looking with a black or navy blue fabric, and a less dumpy looking design; but this was akin to making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Just so we can end on a high note, here are some dolls  from last week:

They were mostly clones and other strange dolls (see the 2nd pic for our definition of strange).  The best doll in the whole bunch was a Penny Brite, and she wasn’t in the best shape.

Then there were these two dolls–obviously dressed by the same grandma:Pillow dolls aren’t really favorites of ours, and we can’t envision a bedroom where either of these dolls would be an asset.  The most likely scenario in our minds is that someone found a big stash of yellow and brown yarn, and crocheted up a storm.

Well, that’s all for this week.  We are still catching up from a couple of fruitful weeks, so keep tuned for more interesting decor and Friday Finds.

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3 Responses to Paper Roses, Paper Roses…

  1. Connie says:

    I remember playing doctor with my cousins when I was little (and no, it wasn’t as creepy as it sounds). My cousin Janet had a ‘kit’ which included a bright yellow, plastic doctor’s bag; a play stethoscope;a plastic thermometer; a headband with the mirror-thingy; and what looked to be a play version of a prescription bottle with assorted candies inside. Yeah looking back… the idea of treating pills as candy was a pretty bad idea. Though on the positive, my cousin Janet is now a nurse.

  2. Connie says:

    That also might explain why I don’t like pills unless they are candy-coated. 🙂

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