Getting My Kicks

So Deb ratted me out on the vacation, but I like to think it was a “working” trip, as I tirelessly searched for blog fodder.  Does that make it deductible?  Oh yeah, I would have to make money for that to work.  Oh well.

Our family decided to go and get some kicks on Route 66.  The mother road winds from Chicago to Santa Monica CA crossing MO, KS, OK TX, NM, AZ and CA.  It was the fastest way to the west coast in it’s day.  The coming of the interstate system (specifically I-40) spelled the end of 66, and many of the little towns along the way.  What is left, is bits and pieces of the old road, dusty towns, that are mostly ghost towns, and some wonderful memories and architecture of a time gone by.  Looking back through my photos, I almost don’t know where to start, but I did take some very specific shots for the blog, so will do those and see where it leads.  Sort of like the trip itself.

I was hoping for some tacky souvenirs along the way, but really the vintage ones were more interesting.  The current ones were just boring.  Spotted this wonderful set in one of the two Route 66 museums:

This super set was a giveaway at one of the many gas stations along the way.  Don’t you wish you still got things this nice?  Now they don’t even wash your windows, never mind that service with a smile thing.

We stopped at a barbed wire museum in McLean TX.  (Yep, a whole museum dedicated to barbed wire. It was actually pretty interesting!)  There were several other collections in there, which proves my point: most collectors can’t collect just one thing.  I loved this little fella:I understand the look of woe on his face, as he is a salt and pepper shaker.  Salt from the head, pepper from the tail.  No matter how you turn him over, both are going to come out!  Not the most clever design, but he is cute.

You know how we seem to have a small paranoia problem about things following us?  It happened here too.  This first example was from a local garage sale before we left.

No more pesky loose change lying around, when you can turn it into art!

Didn’t think any more about it till we hit OK, and this example turned up:

Hey, the quality of the change is getting better,  Mercury dimes and Indian head pennies!

Then, in NM, I found the ultimate example of numismatic art, an entire car covered with pennies:

The haul here included tokens and smushed pennies too.

Gotta be the ultimate example.  We’ll let you know.

You know how sometimes things just come along that tickle your funny bone?  I love goofy signs.  Spotted this on the trip:

This brick was on the top edge of a wall; I am sure that lots of people read the wall on the way by, and “Don’t spit on the sidewalk”.  Hope they don’t spit on the wall either.

This next one may be taking patriotism a bit too far:

I guess it never left the continent, but when this petrified wood was formed, it certainly wasn’t the USA!  Still thought it was great marketing.  Gotta give them brownie points for trying.

No vacation would be complete without a souvenir.  I tried to get beloved hubby to spring for this next item, but he was being stubborn.

This is a terrific Nifty Nine model Valentine Diner.  They were brought in on rail cars, and you could take delivery, get set up, and be serving the very same day.  It actually is for sale, but I think getting it home would be a little tricky.  It wouldn’t fit in the trunk.

The entire route is covered in American-made quirkiness.  It is a tribute to marketing ingenuity, in a time when individuals could still do their own thing.  These next two were a couple of my favorites:

I have this odd feeling that if we could see them in the wee hours of the morning something awful would be happening.  I must admit that store mannequins in homemade dinos’ mouths made us stop.  We bought something too.  Must work!

Route 66 is fast leaving us.  The buildings on its route can never be replicated.  (Can you see them granting a building permit for a whale?)  If you get a chance to see it, do so, and if you are lucky enough to have an eccentric building like any of the following in your community, try and do your part to save it!

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  1. silkstone001 says:

    oh i loved your trip maybe you can put it down as internet information or group travel meeting believe me theres a way maybe a deduction for save americana aret.

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