And Now for Something Completely Different

Kathy is off vacationing with her family, so it’s up to me to go out hunting–bargains and blog-fodder.  Beloved husband accompanied me (I promised him lunch) and we headed out to an estate sale and two thrift stores, that Kathy and I rarely talk about.  It seemed like a good day to shake up our routine; it is a bit of an exaggeration to say completely, but I love Monty Python and couldn’t help myself.

The estate sale was in a ritzier part of town, so there were two motives for going: shopping and snooping.  The owner was a big fan of sixties music and he had a lot of art, including several fab posters.  I’m sorry for all the glare on the following pictures; there was a bank of windows to one side, and all the ceiling and lamps were on, too!  I couldn’t find an angle where light wasn’t reflecting off glass.

I’m not sure that it was an original poster from Woodstock, but it was priced at $500 so maybe it was.  We rarely buy anything at these sales; the prices are always retail, or higher, and you can’t take chances for that kind of money.

A couple more posters:


The A.R.T. poster was priced at $950, but at least it is signed along the bottom and dated, so it’s probably authentic.  I prefer the Haight-Ashbury street fair poster; it’s a flash right back to the groovy Sixties, early Seventies, and my childhood.

After the trip down memory lane, we ended up at a small thrift store that benefits the local hospital foundation.  It’s a great thrift store for bargains, the prices are always right!  However, the selection is pretty run of the mill; it was quite a surprise to see this out front:

The outfit was silk, with tons of beading, and it must have been from India; it was maybe a size 1 or 2.  My dear hubby thought the trousers had to be some sort of sleeves because no one’s legs would fit.  The outfit had tons of wear, so hopefully some little girl can take it home and play dress-up.

After lunch, we headed to the downtown thrift store with creative displays, and crazy prices.  Here are a couple of pics of their displays:

This store window sucks me in every time I walk by; thankfully it’s not all that often.  The people who run this store have lots of good ideas; wish they would poll their clients about their pricing.

Inside the store, we ran into this:

Love the old spring mattress as a sunglasses display rack.  It worked perfectly!  I also have to report that the bra tree was still in use, covered with preowned underwear.

We ran into a recent acquaintance in the back of the store; do you remember this fellow?

I knew there couldn’t be two of these roosters; it’s a pity he is priced at $18.99.  He didn’t sell at the estate sale for $8; I doubt anyone wants him for more than twice that.

And speaking of original art, we found this picture:

I sincerely hope it was a student’s art project demonstrating perspective in paintings.  I would give it an “A” for initial design and a “D” for execution.  My eyes try to go all catty-wumpus when I look at this.

And speaking of hurting my eyes, this planter is just so wrong:

This poor swan looks like it’s crying; you would too, if your neck were bent at that angle!  The whole thing gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I don’t think that any flowers exist that could make this planter look right.

I’ll end here; there is more, but it’s always good to have a little something in the bank.  I’m on my own again this week, and then Kathy will be home, and life will be back to normal.  People tend to look at you oddly, and make a wide path around you, when you stand in front of a weird item laughing by yourself.  If there are two people laughing, well, then it’s a party!

We wish all of our American readers a safe and happy 4th of July!

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6 Responses to And Now for Something Completely Different

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I can get you a couple of faux Woodstock posters easy. The real thing is very hard to find – even here in Woodstock.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I was wondering if $500 was enough for a REAL Woodstock poster; that was 42 years ago, and no one knew that posters would be valuable in the future. Plus, looking at pictures of the attendees, I doubt if they could have kept a poster intact for three days of drugs, mud, and rock ‘n roll.

  2. Connie says:

    Oh… that cracks me up that the rooster made it to the thrift store. I can just picture it… nobody bought him for his original asking price and then the kids thought, “hey… let’s donate him to a local thrift store where someone will surely fall in love and buy him”. However, the thrift store then thought, “hey… this is a slightly better home craft project… let’s mark it up”. Perhaps they need a patron to come through under the influence of drugs, mud, and rock ‘n roll who would be moved into buying Mr. Rooster?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Mr. Rooster sort of has a sixties color scheme–maybe all it would take is someone on a LSD flashback to buy him. ;- )

  3. Connie says:

    Love the idea of using an old box spring, stripped of its fabric, used as a display piece. Very clever idea!

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