A Potpourri of Friday Finds

This week’s Friday Finds post is a true mishmash of found items: there were just too many photos last week, and we have been doing a little solo shopping this week.  Also, we have to do a True Confession about the awesome estate sale we went to–it certainly had our number!  So, onward and upward, or perhaps downward is more accurate.

We really have a problem resisting doilies; they speak to both of us, and we have lots of them.  It took superhuman willpower to pass up of these cuties:


This was quite a bargain; there were plenty of keepers in this bag, as well as a couple of pot holders.  We noticed that the cotton-yellow crochet doily had crocheted bells as the trim, which is a little unusual.

This pock-marked vase has a vintage look, but we think it’s totally modern and awful.

It’s huge, looks like the surface of the moon, and those brown splotches don’t help either.  If this vase was vintage, the color would have been more turquoise and less blue-gray.

A couple of pictures jumped out at me while I was solo shopping last week.   Curiously, there are a lot of pictures in this post; we’ve decided that finding ill-favored/strange things runs in cycles–remember all the clocks?

I know, I know, we keep saying no more shell pictures; but how could I resist this?  It was two feet tall (I measured), and had a red felt background.  How much more over the top could they make this?  In a weird way, I might be able to live with this shell picture, but my beloved husband couldn’t.

The next pictures are also a violation of our no-clown policy.  Again, how could I resist these train wrecks?

Please don’t hurt the adorable kitten or puppy, scary clown!  We’ll give you a bigger car and all the popcorn you want; just put the puppy down!  You know these crazy-looking clowns had to come out of some old lady’s home.

We knew, even before we got there, that this estate sale was going to be good.  We started picking up stuff in the garage; it got so bad that the summer intern had to race back to the vehicle to pick up some shopping bags for us.  That hasn’t happened in a long, long time.

Now, not everything on this table is good; take those lamps for instance.  The color alone was enough to curl our toes.  Why did the maker feel compelled to make the ceramic bases lumpy; it looks like a painful skin disease.  However, the little pot in the front (circled in yellow) is a cute vintage item.  We like those Mexican wooden bowls (upper right corner) painted with flowers or birds.  They are so cheerful, and make great fruit bowls for your kitchen.  The comb-like item on the right front part of the table is a cake cutter, which works surprisingly well.  When I first saw one, it didn’t make sense that a comb could cut, but you use a sawing motion to slice through the cake.  (Both Deb and Kathy already own one of these, or we might have brought it home!)  And right behind the vintage Mexican pot is a cheese cutter (blue arrow) for your buffet that has some nice, clean, Moderne lines.  Hurray for us that we didn’t take any of these home!

In the previous picture, you can see a mosaic rose picture in the background.  Evidently, the owner of this home was artistically inclined; there were original art pieces throughout the house.  We were amused by this mosaic in the kitchen.

It works in a really fun way–love all the colors.

You frequently run into the same folks at estate and garage sales; some are pickers, some are collectors, and some have their own shops or booths.  We love to look at their purchases to see what we missed.

This black hat was made of strips of plastic that were secured with a flower trim, and the brim was covered with loose pieces of the strips.  It was a fun vintage find, and different from most hats that women wore and kept.  Thanks Patty, for letting us take a picture; it’s entirely my fault it looks blurry.

In the bedroom, standing on a dressing table was this little fellow:

We felt he was so dignified and cute, that he deserved a picture.

Finally we staggered out of the estate sale a little lighter in the pocket (Deb) and feeling pretty happy with all of her bargains (Kathy).  We decided to stop at a neighborhood sale, that just happened to be on the way to lunch.  So glad we did, otherwise we would have missed this:

Yes, those ARE paper plates that have been painted with enamel paint, and decorated with  decals.  The maker must have gotten the idea from one of those crazy craft project books we love so much.

I feel like we should have a drum roll for the final picture.  It documents all the purchases we made at the estate and garage sales; boy, that was a fun day of shopping!  Kathy’s purchases are indicated with red, Deb’s with lime green.

I (Deb) bought the pictures in this photo; the larger one in the back is signed by Courcelles and is titled In Repose.  It reminds me of the small Icart I purchased at a garage sale several years ago.  I have a thing for dogs, and deco art, so this was a double whammy!  The two smaller painted silhouettes (in the lime-green circle) have Venice in the background, and are in terrific condition.  I also bought a bunch of old postcards, and a great little apron with lots of embroidery.

Kathy’s purchases include a pair of awesome vintage garden frogs.  They weigh a ton, and we actually had to drive up to the sale to pick them up!  She also found some 1940s vintage patterns, vintage bar ware, that includes an unopened box of 1950s straws (no that wasn’t on purpose, but it was in the bag!) a book on cocktails, vintage bar napkins, and some nifty fifties coasters that slipped over your glass, all still in original boxes!  The bar stuff was about $2.00 worth, so she really splurged.  Also in the pile, is a cute box of Halloween decorations that includes a darling tiny honeycomb paper witch, and a honeycomb paper turkey that has the most amazing colors.   Some vintage Rocky Mountain National Park postcards, an amber pendant and a grater that “grates right into the pan” (says so on the box) pretty much round out the purchases.  There are a few other odds and ends, but we hit the highlights.  All in all, we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.  It takes so little to amuse us!

Well, this turned into a marathon post–hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Look for the wedding post next week.  And as always, we love seeing your pictures!

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6 Responses to A Potpourri of Friday Finds

  1. MJ says:

    I enjoy this thoroughly every Friday! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each week! And I want the bunny, LOL.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We’re glad you’re having fun with our blog! That bunny was so cute, but we had bought way too much by then; hope he found a good home with someone.

  2. Terri Gold says:

    You didn’t get the doilies? How could you resist? I am happy to see that you got so much other good stuff.
    That giant vase wasn’t meant to be pockmarked. It’s a seriously bad case of poor glazing. It would have looked so much better naked.
    Fun post!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for the info on the vase; we are soo relieved that someone didn’t do that on purpose! As for the doilies, if we didn’t have 50 bazillion of them already, we probably could have justified buying another bag. ;- ) Glad you liked this week’s post!

  3. Connie says:

    I really like the large painting on the wall at the estate sale. What a charming farm scene: farmhouse, outbuildings, and pasture… And yes, there are some lovely little vintage pieces. What a great week you guys had!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      There were many portraits and paintings of landscapes that were done by an obviously talented amateur–probably one of the home owners. It was a really fun estate sale.

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