A Travelogue of Friday Finds

It’s not all about the souvenirs, but we hit another mother lode of them this last week, lots of them vintage.  We had one spouse and our summer intern in tow Friday, which may explain why we found so much blog fodder.

Let’s do the travelogue first, and get it out of the way; it will be an around-the-world trip.  First up, Switzerland,


where someone thought this plaster, faux wood vase, complete with a sawn off  limb, would make a nice memento.  We are fairly sure it’s Swiss–notice the edelweiss and Alpine mountains in the picture.  Goodness, couldn’t they have picked up chocolate, a watch, a knife, or even some neutrality?

We’re pretty sure this next item is from the birthplace of Sappho:

It must be a souvenir of the Isle of Lesbos, though apparently, the people of Lesbos are not so amused by lesbian tourists.

Ok, back to serious business!  This next vintage souvenir comes from Hawaii:


If it weren’t so banged up, it could be living in one of our houses.  That volcano in the center is just too funny; hope Pele hasn’t seen this–it could cause another eruption.  Here are the markings, just to be complete:

all the way from Japan, via Hawaii.

This next item is from the very northern part of Canada or Alaska, at a guess:

and she is pretty cute–from the top of her fur-clad head, to the tips of her booted feet.  She is one of three dolls we found this week.  If my doll shelves weren’t groaning, I might have taken her home.

We forgot about this picture last week, fortunately, since it fits into this post perfectly.

This picture was at a garage sale, and we just had to take a photo of it!  We had never seen such intricate painting on a feather–and all the way from Costa Rica.

This concludes the travel portion of our post; we are constantly amazed (in a good and bad way) at what people drag home.

This is the only garage sale item we deemed blog-worthy this week:

Most of our distress was at the thought of them hanging side-by-side on a wall.  Of course they are pretty big; the silver Gothic fleur-de-lis being about 18 inches tall [btw, Beloved Husband thinks the silver decoration has a Wookiee/Lhasa Apso face in the top center portion]  The gold wheat sheaf is even taller at about 24 inches.

We saw these vintage 45 rpm record cases on the front counter of Goodwill:

We would have guessed that Olivia Newton-John sold big on 8-track tapes, not 45’s, but that would be wrong.  We were also stunned at the breadth of this collection–both O.N-J. and Huckleberry Hound.

This is another reason why I didn’t buy the souvenir doll; I had already picked up this little fella:

My sisters and I used to fight about who got to play with Ricky; we liked him better than Scooter.  I was happy to get him, and his outfits, for $6.99, now Skipper and Scooter can fight over him.

Guess we should go for the doll trifecta, even though the score would be two good and one bad:

Why would anyone give this to a child?  If this had been in my childhood home, we would probably have used it to terrify each other in the dark.

We aren’t sure why this statue was so carefully preserved for posterity,

nor are we sure how this would have been best displayed.  Maybe on a mantle, or maybe the solid portion of your huge radio/record player.  We would probably have liked it better if it had been pink, turquoise, or black instead of blah white and gold; that would have given it some pizzazz.

This next item could have been a souvenir, but there is no telling.  It did make us stare and laugh for a minute.

There are tons of bad puns running through my head right now, better just leave them unsaid.

Finally, we thought this was pretty cute, although we don’t remember it from our younger days:Looks like fun to us, especially with the weather all hot and sticky again.

We found a couple more things, but we’re going to save them for a rainy day.  Be on the lookout for our upcoming Bad Wedding post in honor of June; guess we could have done a Father’s Day tribute too, but we didn’t think of it in time.  Oh well, next year.

Thanks for looking, and as always, feel free to share your hideous garage sale/thrift store finds with us.

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4 Responses to A Travelogue of Friday Finds

  1. Alrunia says:

    That rock.. creature.. thing made my drink come out of my nose. That FACE. It’s melting, yet I want to give it a hug. What is it, a lawn ornament? Piggybank? Either way, priceless.
    The eskimo souvenir doll is adorable.

  2. Terri Gold says:

    This was a great bunch of stuff! If I were back into my buy every antique bit of ornamentation, the fleur-de-lis cum wheat sheaves would have come home with me. They would look good on an old wood door – a very big door with raised panels. They’re nice.
    The volcano bowl is a goodie. I like it, too.
    This is why I stay out of thrift stores and don’t go to yard sales anymore. There’s too much fun stuff out there.
    Oh, I almost forgot….the rock thing…that would look good in a garden for sure. You wouldn’t believe what has found it’s way into my garden. I’m just too lazy to go out there and take pictures of the junk.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      You’re right–there is too much good stuff out there! We have lots of it (good stuff) hiding in our yards and flower pots; yard decor doesn’t enter into the collection radar. Take a look at next weeks post to see all the goodies we got at garage & estate sales this week–we had a whee of a time.

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