A Farrago of Friday Finds

We dropped right back to earth this week as far as shopping goes.  We had been flying high for a couple of weeks, and of course that just couldn’t keep going.  There is an ebb and flow to thrift store shopping; we go through some dry patches, as well as hitting the jackpot.  However, we are easily amused, so we like to look, even if we aren’t buying.

When we saw this pair of fire engine red satin pillow cases, the song Texas has a Whorehouse in It started running through my head.

I could see this being a fun punch of color in a bedroom, hopefully not paired with golden cherubs or handcuffs.

The next three things are a contrast in decades.  It’s pretty interesting that we started here in the 1950s:

This sweet little sauce-boat has a great shape and fun pattern, nothing earth-shaking, but very stylish.  Now, how in the heck did we get here in 20 years?

Ugly colors, blah shapes, and nothing fun about either of these, ah the 1970s aesthetic.

Even though we found these polyester horrors  later at another thrift store,  thematically, they fit right here in the post.

Can you picture what the outfits these fabrics were intended for?  We figure the same person donated all four of these fabrics; a more comforting idea than the notion that there were four people who bought and kept this crap for 40 years.  Time for a confession:  I had a pair of hip-hugging, bell-bottomed pants made of the red, white, and blue plaid fabric.  However, they were wool, so I hope you all still respect me.

Back on track now, here is our summer intern with his favorite find:You just can’t beat thrift stores for stuffed animals.

We actually had a couple of dolly encounters.  At Goodwill, Kathy had picked up a bag of doll clothing in the toy aisle.  While she was looking at the bag, I glanced at the opposite shelf, and noticed some dolls in a bag.  One doll appeared to be older, so I pulled it out of the pile o’ stuff on the shelf, and this is what I found (really this picture was taken later):


a Malibu barbie wearing an orange mod outfit.  Kathy immediately remembered she had the same one (that’s just how she is, she can remember all of the doll outfits she owns.  I, on the other hand, buy the same outfit over and over, not remembering that I’ve owned it numerous times…sigh.)

We thought you might enjoy seeing Kathy’s outfit modeled by a fab mod barbie:


It’s pretty well-known that Mattel would vary fabric depending on its supply.  I think it’s fun that we both own a version of this outfit.

Our other dolly find, no she didn’t come home with us, was this poor clone:


She had a sweet crocheted dress, but Houston we have a problem–with her hair.  Oh, the travails of fashion dolls owned by kids who think they are hair stylists.  If she is going to have a mohawk, the least the kid could do is put a couple of piercings on her face, and goth her up a bit.

These last two were not thrift store finds, but out on the curb, and at a garage sale.  I was driving home, when I spotted the following on the curb near a free box.  Well, I had to check out the free box (nothing I needed, go figure) but the lamp begged for its photo to be taken.  My hubby suggested you could paint a velvet Elvis on the shade, and really put it over the top.

The real kicker was the fact that the lamp was missing from the pile, when I drove by again 20 minutes later.  I guess free is good enough for some folks.

The next line-up was at a garage sale.  Yes, they had the nerve to put prices on them.  The couch was $150.00 and the chairs were $75 each.  Seriously? They should be paying good money to have someone haul these away for them.  They insisted they were mid-century modern.  Sorry, missed by a decade.

Just in case you want the full effect of the sofa up close:

Well, at least they had the good taste to haul it to the curb.

That’s it for another installment of Friday Finds.  If we don’t get any more pictures of your thrift store finds, or items that should be donated to a thrift store, we will probably consider our post, Happy Birthday to Us, as the celebration for our 100th post.  Thank you to the people who sent us a picture, we appreciate it more than you know!

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6 Responses to A Farrago of Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    I have to confess that I too had an outfit made out of the red, white, and blue plaid. Sadly though, mine was made of polyester… oh… and I had the matching vest. How is that for a visual? But at least I can say that my mom bought the outfit… for Christmas no less! I must have been really bad.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Hey, we were happening 70’s chicks! I think the 70’s stuff makes us shudder so because we lived with it!

  2. D7ana says:

    I had a pair of red-green-yellow plaid POLYESTHER pants that wore out so I made my Ideal Kerry doll a pair of pants from that fabric. Poor Kerry, huh, lol.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Wowsers, we would love to see red-yellow-and green plaid polyester pants–they must have been so cool! Really, if you had to wear them, why shouldn’t Kerry?

  3. Connie says:

    Stuffed toy lizard sighting: I went downtown Friday night and since it was a lovely evening, there were lots of people about. Folks milling about and bikes parked at every available bike rack. At one of the bike racks, I spied the younger lizard sibling (about 8″ long) that your summer intern is carrying. This lizard was the same fabric and bore the same expression as the one pictured above. It was dutifully mounted on the top bar of the bike so it could gaze out into oncoming traffic.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      The toy lizard attached to the bike may be the male equivalent of attaching a Barbie to your handle bars. 😉

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