True Confessions of Friday Finds

Since we had so much fun at the last estate sale, we decided to forgo garage sales this week, and do more estate sales.  We could have just skipped the first one altogether; what a waste of gasoline.  We couldn’t find anything to buy–and that’s saying something–or even to take a picture of.  The next estate sale was our kind of sale.  This is the first True Confessions part of the post.  We bought all of this for two dollars:

Kathy’s dad repairs and collects fire extinguishers, so we are always on the look out for them.  I collect dog stuff, so a local bank give-away dog bank (flocking over metal) and the book, Pep, The Story of a Brave Dog, were my contribution to the pile.  Kathy remembers seeing a craft project involving the wire birdcage looking items (really, they go in your gutters to keep gunk out of the downspouts) but can’t remember what the project was.  However, she DOES remember thinking “yeah, right, I’ll never find those gutter thingies”, so on the off-chance she does remember what the craft project is, she is ready to roll.  (Kathy:  I remembered what it was, now I have to find the book! ) Plus Kathy is an avid reader of Colorado history, so the other book came home with her.

We headed out to the next estate sale in a nice area of town, near some lakes and the Country Club.  The first thing we saw when walking up the driveway was this:

This picture doesn’t do the paint job justice–at all.  Not only is this dune buggy red, it has the sparkly bits in the paint so it’s fabulous in the sunshine.  Now, if we only had $2700 lying around, we could arrive at garage sales in style!

Normally, we aren’t too happy with this company’s estate sales–the prices are just too darn high!  But we did pick up a few things here–I bought buttons and a wooden box, and Kathy got an Arts & Crafts piece of linen.  In the basement, we came across this cute chenille bedspread:

Of course, they wanted a premium price for it.

Since we needed some blog fodder after all this fun, it was time to head over to Goodwill, and this is part two of the True Confessions portion of the post.  Kathy saw this purse and pounced: ( Kathy:  It was a true pounce, and I left the store clutching it lovingly. )

Who could blame her–it is a totally amazing summer purse.  The wicker is perfect, and the velvet fruit on top just needs some gentle dusting to make it look like new.  Now Kathy will have her own conversation starting purse; I, of course, have the Teapot purse, which caused quite a stir when I took it out on its maiden voyage this week.  We do have quite a few “interesting” purses, enough to make another Weird Collection post.

We see lots of these souvenir dolls, which must mean they are travel purchases that folks regret later:We think this little Filipino girl makes a cute doll, but she wouldn’t be my souvenir of choice.

The figurines we find, while shopping the thrift stores, frequently perplex us.   Why anyone would make or want most of them is a mystery; the only reasonable part of the equation is their presence in a thrift store.  Here are the most recent examples we have found:


We’ll take them one at a time for clarity.  The first one has several mysteries about it.  What the heck does the plaque reading ANTIQUE 2002 mean?  I thought antiques have to be 100 years old.  She is in rather bad shape–maybe that’s why they put antique on her base.  But you really need to look at her face.  To me, it looks like she is wearing a piece of armor for her head, with a nose and upper lip guard.  Now why would a woman wearing a dress, cape, and sandals need armor on her head?  We forgot to look for marks, so who knows where she came from.

The next figures are sheep + people = sheeple?  They aren’t appealing with their glazed, blue-eyed, zombie stares.  Wouldn’t turn my back on them for one hot minute, as anyone who has ever watched “Black Sheep” would agree.

We have absolutely no idea what these next things are.  It did kind of creep us out when we looked straight down at them (see first picture):


Really, anyone know what these could be?  [Rhonda W. says, “Regarding the eyeballs (LOL)! I believe those are part of a set that came with Japanese Hina Dolls, they are suppose to mimic Japanese lanterns though never seen any made of cloth, usually its paper”.]  They are pretty small, only about 4 inches high, and the “eyeball” is made of fabric.  It’s even weirder that there are two of them.

Let’s end on a good note with this set of bar glasses:

We remember seeing plain versions of these glasses during our formative years; little did we know there was a naughtier set out there.  Can’t you picture a swinging 1960’s cocktail party with these glasses?

Well, that’s it for another week, and last call for any pictures you want to share for our official 100th post.

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13 Responses to True Confessions of Friday Finds

  1. Rhonda W says:

    Another glorious Friday post! Regarding the eyeballs (LOL)! I believe those are part of a set that came with Japanese Hina Dolls, they are suppose to mimic Japanese lanterns though never seen any made of cloth, usually its paper.

    I adore that wicker purse and would of nabbed that one too, though I need another purse like a hole in the head 🙂

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for the eyeball info, we are relieved that they actually have a purpose–sort of! ;- ) Glad you liked the post.

  2. Krissy Wright says:

    I absolutely love seeing what you ladies come across on your blog and you do truly find some hideous things. I have been telling my girlfriend Maz about it and we have decided to start our own New Zealand version of Second Hand Roses as we too are pack rats and love fossicking at auctions, second hand stores and the like. We plan to take photos of the most hideous or interesting (and I use that term loosely) objects that we can find. I hope you don’t mind us imitating your idea and if we do start a blog we will credit our idea for it to you ladies!!

    We hope to start tomorrow!!! Happy fossicking,


    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We believe that there can never be too much of a good thing! Please send us a link, we would love to see what you find!

  3. Terri Gold says:

    They could be hat stands.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      For hats made with eyelet lace. :- ) According to another comment, they came with Hina dolls and are Japanese lanterns, but they look like dolly hat stands to me too.

  4. Sheila McClune says:

    I really need to get my latest finds uploaded. Especially the bondage collar. (Yep, you read that right.) But until then, here are some of my older finds:

    Blue Lady
    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for sharing your pics. The thrift stores signage was funny all by itself–it took me a minute to figure out what “Balance” meant on the display, and the “electrical” baskets were hysterical. I’m thinking that the person who drew those girls didn’t like them much, but they weren’t quite as creepy and the egg on a pedestal with four horns. Throw in a bondage collar, and you have a great day at the thrift store!

      • Sheila McClune says:

        I added some more last night, after my trip to Goodwill and ARC on Broadway. Same link. And now with added commentary!

  5. Cindy in Kentucky says:

    I love your guys site and always make sure to visit it every week. :O)

    I LOVE that purse-just too darn cute and unique.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Thanks for your kind words Cindy; Kathy carried the purse last Friday and got lots of comments!

  6. Connie says:

    Okay… the sheeple are indeed creepy. And having seen ‘Black Sheep’, I agree… wouldn’t turn my back on them for a minute.

    BTW… the chenille bedspread is fabulous. My grandma had a wonderful collection of them… most of them were along the lines of geometric patterns on pastel backgrounds… though I do fondly remember a yellow spread that was a ‘swiss dot’ with the dots being chenille.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I remember coveting a pink chenille bedspread that a friend or cousin had on their bed–it was so soft and beautiful! Your grandma’s collection sounds wonderful.

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