Fun at an Estate Sale

As much fun as we have at thrift stores and garage sales, probably one of our absolute favorite things is an Estate Sale.  I think it is because nothing is held back at these, and we are connoisseurs of the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life.  Buttons, needle cases, cocktail stirrers, postcards, pamphlet cookbooks and craft books, bits of jewelry etc, all find their way to us, so estate sales are a bonanza for us.  The one this past week did not disappoint, and we even found stuff to share with you!

Deb was busy looking at postcards and stereo cards in one room, and I had to run get her, as I didn’t want someone to buy this, and cause us to miss this photo.

Not sure why I thought someone would snap these up, but it might be because I had serious thoughts about the cat.  See isn’t she cute?

If she hadn’t been $8.00, I would be carrying her around the house trying to find a spot worthy of her, right this minute, but I am cheap, and Hubby was with us that day.  (Nuff said!)

You also need to see a closeup of the deer.

Apparently, the deer figure behind her needed a closeup too!  In case you can’t pick it out in the photo, the poor thing’s head was on a spring, and she is dressed in a green sparkly dress.  It’s a wonder her head is not hanging in shame, but she is strong resourceful doe, and holds her head up high!

We also found this gem in the same room:

Perfect for cocktail hour at the Tiki Bar.  You can just hear Martin Denny’s Quiet Village playing in the background.

This lady had an affinity for cats and dogs as they were everywhere including here:

I am sure she made it herself, as she was also a very crafty lady.  There were craft supplies galore too.  They were piled in the basement room along with this.

Again, I know she made it herself.  This was one of those pressed cardboard boots that you used to see.  I have never seen one made into a diorama before, but it sure was a hoot.  I would have saved this till Christmas, but it comes with a great story, so I had to share.  While we were taking a photo of this, a delightful little girl, (and I mean this, she was about 5 and the best behaved little girl I have seen in ages!) asked what we were doing.  Deb told her we like taking pictures of things, and said we had a blog.  Her mom immediately asked what our blog was, and committed it to memory.  We were delighted.  Then just a few minutes later, as we were in the garage mom called out across the garage “Hey, Second Hand Roses, you need a picture of this”.  Well, she was right.

The giant box of dirty cat food tin lids.  WHAT?  Yes, you read it right.  We have absolutely no idea what the reasoning was behind this.  I am sure there was a perfectly logical one.  Any day now, the cat food tin lid commodities market will explode right before our eyes.  [Deb:  I think she was trying to recycle her lids, and the box got too heavy; but what did she do with the cans?  No one does that many crafts!]

Moving into the bedrooms we spotted this treasure.

Have you ever seen the whole set in such amazing condition?  Makes you want to paint your bathroom pink doesn’t it?  It’s a good thing all those fifties hubbies were so manly, as this might have done them in.

Deb and I both loved this fifties house.   It was in amazing condition, and every ceiling in the house was different.  This one was our favorite.

I love that the craftsman who did this, cared so much to leave something this wonderful behind him.

One more crazy thing to share this week.  I spotted this at Saturday garage sales with Hubby and the Summer Intern.

Now there’s some decorations for your bathroom.  Guess it is to remind you that no matter how cold that bathroom floor is, Grandma and Grandpa had it worse, although it looks to me like they sleepwalked to the outhouse, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.  Don’t miss the box of cereal to the left of the picture; nothing says garage sale like used food.  ;- )

Don’t forget to send in your 100th post photos, and we have another estate sale this week, so wish us luck, and we will be sure to share it all with you.

P.S.  A reader just sent a link to a video about estate sales, so I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled blog post to insert a link.  If you like estate sales, you’ll love this video by Cheryl Wheeler!

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6 Responses to Fun at an Estate Sale

  1. Rhonda says:

    Too funny about the bathroom set. I happen to have the same waste basket in my spare bathroom but in white, which makes for a more pleasing color 🙂

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      White must be an easier color to live with on a day to day basis. We have a friend with an all pink bathroom–tub, sink, toilet, with pink roses wallpaper. She tries to pretend the bathroom doesn’t even exist, but that pink bathroom set would be the finishing touch!

  2. Marie in NY says:

    I love estate sales!! Have you heard the song “Estate Sale” by Cheryl Wheeler? Here’s a link to a fun video of her (and an estate sale) on youtube:

    She even picks up a doll furnature piece!

    Okay…everyone sing along…”Going through dead peoples houses, wonderful things they have collected. Open the drawers and trunks and closets, don’t leave a corner un-inspected…”

    And the part that will apply to me (and to all of us estate sale junkies) once we’re gone…”But I bet we’ll make some young strangers happy when we die…”

    Love reading your blog!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      What a wonderful video-have to post it for the rest of our loyal readers! We often talk about how happy someone will be going through all our junk when we are gone! Circle of life and all of that ;- ) Thanks for your kind comments and the link to the video!

  3. Alrunia says:

    That Tiki bottle opener, wow! Love the little guy.
    The box of can lids however makes me a bit sad, mostly because it makes me think it had to be the beginning of some hoarder style mental illness.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      We are hoping that she was saving the lids to recycle, and the box got away from her–but yeah it seems like it could have been a little bit of hoarding also :- (

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