A Little Thrifty Detour

Sometimes we like to take a little detour,  break out of our normal round of thrift stores, and try something new.  Plus, we got a tip about one of the following items.  This store is not one of our favorites.  We always find plenty of blog fodder here, but our real goal is still a collecting one, and I don’t think either of us have ever found much that was worthwhile here.  We bought a book and a little doll here this time, and it was the first time in ages much of anything went home with us.

A loyal reader told us to check the store out, because we had to see this.

Everyone needs a bra tree right?  It’s the latest in lingerie display, not to mention a great way to put that pesky artificial tree to use in the off season.  Heck, add some tinsel, and you can skip getting down the boxes of Christmas ornaments all together.  Our loyal reader also reported that college girls were posing with the tree; we’ll leave it to your imagination how they were posing.  ;- )

Still sniggering from the tree we came upon these.

We actually spotted the pair on the right first, then realized the second pair was on the rack, and had to have been made by the same artist.  In this instance, I use that term VERY loosely!  To top off the insult, the thrift store thought they were worth $19.99 a pair.  You have to pay that much to look that bad?  They should pay you to take them away!

When we got up to the checkout, they had placed this next choice item on a display, and called it the find of the day.  Must have been a slow day.

Some people should never be allowed near a glue gun.  Notice the price tag.  This is why we don’t shop here regularly.  Again, they should pay someone to take it away.  I tend to throw golf balls in water hazards, and this is the only solution for this item that makes sense.

As we left the store, we noticed that we had waltzed right by the window display in our haste to get to the bra tree.  Not sure how this was possible, as this is what we missed.

Each potted wig head was crowned with a cap of artificial silk flowers.  As a window display, it actually was pretty cute.

We decided to head out to our usual stomping grounds in the hope of finding something fun.  Not only did we each find something to add to our hoards, I mean collections, we discovered some things to add to our blog.  It was a twofer!

OK, I have to admit to a bit of nostalgia about this one.  I remember my mother tying bows of this chunky yarn around each of my pigtails every morning.  I have a soft spot for the yarn, but not for this basket.

At least the crafter tried, but it has gone a bit limp after all these years.  For these, the following wall decor pieces, there was never any effort to make them look anything but bad.  Nasty plastic flowers will do that.

It was odd, but in this photo, we decided they didn’t look as bad as they really were, so we tried again.

Yep, worse in that picture, and worse in person.  Trust us.

It seems that every week we find something in the picture line, and this week was no exception.  These counter-relief plaques were just strange, and somehow didn’t work on any level.

I am not sure what is going on in the first picture, but in the second one they are clearly playing doctor, and not having ANY fun doing it.  I don’t suppose that would be appropriate to put on a plaque, but hey, you never know.  Bad taste never seems to find a limit.

Every time we insist that we will take no more vacation shell pictures, something comes along to make us break our self-imposed ban.  How could we pass this one up?

Obviously, they had a doll collector on their list to bring home a tchotchky for.  “I know, Aunt Bertha will just LOVE this.” Bet it was stuffed in the cupboard till it was safe to send to the thrift store.  Wonder what the statute of limitations is on souvenirs?

Had enough?  Yeah, us too.  Till next week!

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4 Responses to A Little Thrifty Detour

  1. Terri Gold says:

    OK that last item is wrong on so many levels….

  2. Second Hand Roses says:

    I know, where to start with this shell thingie? It’s still at the thrift store; we were tempted to knock it off its shelf.

  3. Connie says:

    What’s not to love about a bra tree? You can change out the colors for the various holidays or slip in some lacy ones to let your hubby know you are in the mood… and heck… looking at it just makes you smile.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      While that thrift store isn’t our favorite for finding treasures–it has very fun and creative displays! Thanks for the tip. ;- )

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