We Get a Little Help From Our Friends

In a lot of ways, it takes a village to write a blog post.  We get help from our beloved husbands, our intern, friends, and random strangers in thrift stores.  Even our loyal readers pitch in with pictures of their finds and comments that are often funnier than our posts.  We saw a comment last week from a reader that is going to be our new tag line; it’s just perfect!  We are “often informative, sometimes horrifying, but always entertaining”.  It’s like she read our minds.

The ugly things that people drag home from vacation probably bother us more than they  should.  We have several prime examples to show you.  First up is Peru:

Really, couldn’t find some alpaca wool products, silver jewelry, woven goods, or anything else besides this painted copper pan?  Hmm, we can give you some pointers for your next trip.

When in Belgium, of course you want to pick up one of these.

These dried flowers aren’t awful, but what’s wrong with chocolate, beer, or lace?

Onward to Greece, where we believe our next find came from.  She is so special, that it required three pictures to describe her.


It might be easier to describe what is right with her, than catalog what’s wrong.  Her clothing is kind of cool, we love all the little details.  But there is no getting around the elephant in the room–she has perhaps the strangest head, neck and arms we have ever seen on a doll.  It was hard to get a picture of her, she is so wrong that you believe it’s the camera’s fault.  Then her facial expression is very strange too–is she blowing out candles?  Detecting a horrible smell?  Does she store food in her cheeks like a hamster?  Or is she a Dizzy Gillespie style trumpet player getting ready to play a tune?  Truly, was this the best souvenir you could find on your trip?  Ever heard of olives, honey, flokati rugs, worry beads?  Even cheesy statues of Greek gods would be better than this doll.

Our last stop is The Philippines, where people typically buy pearls, baskets, bags, sarongs and tubaos, mats, embroidered clothing, or hammocks.  Except for the person who dragged this home.

My beloved husband calls this “Raggedy Andy and his pre-surgical brother Raggedy Pat”.  Take your pick on which face looks more masculine; it’s a strange combo.

Hope you enjoyed our tour of bad souvenirs, however, that wasn’t all we saw last Friday.

We think these next candle things are part of a Latino baptism celebration; be that as it may, it doesn’t excuse this feather-ribbon-angel-flower extravaganza.

The tall one is about a foot and a half tall, which only exacerbates the problem.

We love this album cover, look at those outfits!  And that chihuahua is totally adorable.

Actually, the songs look pretty fun too.

We thought these next owls were those cheap molded plastic things that people hung up in the 1970’s.

Turns out that they were plaster, and weighed a ton!  Just a lesson to us not to be so quick to judge.

No problem with being quick to judge this piece of yard art.

I’m pretty sure this is a left-over from the groovy, psychedelic  60’s.  It would be perfect for the Caterpillar’s garden in Alice in Wonderland

These banks may have belonged to the same person.

They are all commercially produced; the first and last ones are from Japan, so we can’t blame someone’s ceramic project.  I suppose the mouse is the best of a bad lot and that isn’t saying much.  The elephant looks like his creator may have been color blind; there really isn’t any other explanation for those colors being used together.  Given the choice, I’m sure most kids would rather keep their change in a plastic margarine tub.

This next statue could really fit into several other posts–Valentine’s Day, or our upcoming Wedding post.  I’m not sure what occasion would be the most appropriate one to give this as a gift.This statue shocked us, we didn’t know that boars (male pigs) were such good kissers.  My grandmother would never approve; there is no way that poor sow (female pig) is going to keep a dime between her knees.

We found this next cutie on a shelf not far from the pigs.  It’s pink too, probably some karmic balancing act to compensate for those pigs.

We don’t remember ever seeing a pink nut chopper before.  Typically, these choppers have a metal hopper on top of a glass jar; we think the plastic version is ever so much cuter.

Finally, we have a submission from a loyal reader (thanks Connie).

She describes this as an eucalyptus bunny.  The catch is that the rabbit is constructed of individual eucalyptus leaves glued onto a rabbit-like form, not branches bent into a rabbit shape.  The effect is further enhanced by different colored leaves for the feet and backpack.  The ribbon and dried flowers are not enhancements, no matter what the creator believed.  Don’t be fooled by the white horns coming out of the head; those are basket handles from the next aisle over.

We want everyone to know how much we appreciate their help; no matter in what guise it appears.

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6 Responses to We Get a Little Help From Our Friends

  1. MJ says:

    I think vacation slides would be less painful to see than these gifts, as well, you don’t need to find a place to put the pictures other than out of your mind.

  2. Terri Gold says:

    True confessions…I have an enormous pig collection. In fact, many are still packed in cartons from the last time I moved and that was 14 years ago. But it was a collection so the weird pieces don’t count against my taste, do they? I really ought to photograph all of it. Or maybe I should just send it to your local thrift shop.

    I like the pink nut chopper. It looks like something I would have purchased when I first moved to a house in the country. (More old junk.)


    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Do you want the kissing pigs–we’ll be happy to get them out of our state. ;- ) We don’t hold anyone’s collection against them–we have too many weird ones of our own.

  3. Connie says:

    Based upon her expression, I think the Greek doll farted. And given the angle of her arms, she appears to have survived a car accident where both arms were broken in several places and not properly set.

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