A Herculean Effort

Well, maybe not, but I do want you to know of our tireless efforts to amuse all and sundry, and you have no idea how hard it is to amuse sundry!

This first thing tickled Deb no end, and she insisted I pose with it.  Here is where the Herculean effort comes in, right?

Hey, I bear a striking resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, don’t I?  A girl can dream, can’t she?  Anyway, we were trying to figure out what you do with a paper mache column other than look silly lifting it over your head.  Putting it outside is out of the question, and it was so lightweight that if you used it inside, it would probably squash flat into a paper pulp pancake.  Still shaking our heads over this, and wondering how we were to deny the gentleman in the shop the copy of the photo he requested, we moved on to this:

We both adored this hat.  It was a lovely color, and the roses were so soft.  Imagine the joy of the wearer when this lovely thing was purchased.  She took very good care of it too.

Next up, some paint by number pictures.  I have to admit that whoever did these was probably one of the most talented PBN (paint by number) artists I have ever seen.  I know there are people who collect this slice of Americana, and I hope these two find a good home.  Some PBN pictures make us laugh, and some scare us to death, but these were fun.

Still grinning and laughing, I turned the corner and came upon this almost self-portrait.

No?  He must have seen or done something to produce that grin.  Not sure I want to know, nor do I want to know in what capacity this served as a decorative piece.  A used car salesman’s private love nest, perhaps?  Still, it made us laugh.

Then we have the above item.  It’s a bear.  Yes, really.  Look closely.  Doesn’t help, does it?  We sort of have a rule about not making fun of homemade ceramics projects, so lest you think we broke that, check out the markings on the bottom.

If I had some genuine Dakota clay, I am sure I could make just about anything that was more attractive that this, and I got a C in pottery.

I am going to have to make a true confession about a pet peeve here.  This is an earth-shattering topic that affects civilization as we know it.  I can hear the doubt in your snorts of disbelief.  Maybe not that epic, but why do they make Jack-a-deer instead of Jack-a-lope?  Well finally, leave it up to Cabellas to get it right.

Mythical animals everywhere can rest easier now.  Maybe not, though, if they are going to be canned!

Again, Deb insisted we break our no clowns rule.  Who would ever pin anything this ugly to their jacket?  It was over 2″ long too, so it’s not like you could hide it in the folds of your lapel, and pretend it wasn’t there, and if you did, it would probably just look like you had some scary peeping tom coming out of your pocket.

Some items start out as being just fine till they get to that part in the process of making them, where the materials are chosen.

A grass hat and a pillow purse?  It’s a pillow, it’s a purse, it’s a pillow purse!  And oddly enough these were beside each other on the rack.  One-stop shopping for those with poor taste.

We want to leave you with another goodie this week.  This week was less painful than usual, wasn’t it?  Sometimes, the things that make us laugh the most, are not bad.  It’s a blessing that we don’t have larger homes, and that we each have hubbies that curb our basest instincts, or we would have a lot more of this stuff at home.  This one is right up Deb’s alley, and would fit seamlessly into her awesome 50s California Ranch style home.

Couldn’t tell if this one was a kit, or a commercially made one of these, but it was fantastic.  A couple of closeups, so you can see the great variety of materials that were used.

I have never seen one that had the brass feather pieces on them.

I have memories of Dad bringing me home scraps of these mosaic tiles, when he had installed some, so I could play with them.  Bet if I looked, there would still be some in my craft goodies.

Have a wonderful week, and keep all your fun comments coming.  We love ’em!

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4 Responses to A Herculean Effort

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Wow! Nice stuff this week. I agree about the hat. When I was building my fabric and sewing stash, I would definitely have purchased that hat just for the roses. I have no idea what I’d do with them but I’d have them.
    I love columns. I think it probably could have been used in a store window or some other medium sized display.
    The ceramic thing…how could you tell it was a bear? LOL.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Glad you liked our goodies! The only way we could identify that bear statue was by touch. No matter how hard you squinted, it looked like a shiny mess!

  2. Matty says:

    LOVED this week!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Matty, thanks for your kind words! It’s been over a year, and we are still having fun with the blog, glad you are too!

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