Foolish Friday Finds

April Fools Day or not, last Friday was a bonanza of badness.  We didn’t even have to look very hard; things were just popping right off the shelves.  We have a couple of good things too–so fear not, loyal readers.

We often wonder about people, and their decorating tastes.  This first picture illustrates our point perfectly; it went from an interesting, maybe a pretty darn good piece of art, to huh???–all because of the matting and framing.

The subject of the water-color seems to be a couple of men riding their horses by an exotic building.  But can you even look at the art as it’s framed?  I keep focusing on the cattywampus matting and framing, wondering what the heck did they do that for?

I have to confess that my camera just plain refused to focus on this next thing.  Look at how in-focus the background is, if you don’t believe me.  The picture from the side was just fine, so it must be safe to view from that angle.

Even scarier than the candle holder, or whatever, is the fact that when I went back to take a clearer photograph of this item, it was gone!!!!  Now, I know Goodwill was having a half off sale, but really?  Hopefully, this thingie was purchased as a white elephant.  I suppose it is possible that the buyer was under the influence of some illegal substance, and will react with horror when seeing their purchase in the cold light of day.

We aren’t big fans of saccharine-sweet decorations that aren’t very well executed, and here is a prime example.  It’s not horrible, but it could be so much better!

We think these are supposed to be a little boy and girl saying their nightly prayers.  I  can only conclude the little boy (in blue) is praying for a more masculine hair cut; the little girl is probably asking God why her brother has longer eyelashes and better skin than she does.

Next up is a tin, that just missed being fabulous by a whisker.

Had it been made of anything but plastic, and any color but salmon, it probably would have come home with me.  Truthfully, I probably would have bought it even as a salmon-colored tin; it’s the plastic that was the deal breaker.

This next bird-like statue may be goofy, but showcases words to live by, especially for Boomers.

This must have been a gag gift for an over-the-hill party, don’t you think?  Mr. Bird probably had a bottle of Viagra in his beak.

We usually have blinders on when it comes to clowns, but this trio just couldn’t be ignored.

We wanted to title them “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, but to tell the truth, there ain’t no good in this group.  It starts at ugly and heads south from there.  That clown on the right actually has rhinestones as eyes and buttons on his shirt.  Obviously its designer has never heard the phrase “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

Just down the aisle, we experienced déjà vu with this owl.

This little Rocky Horror has to be made by the same person who made those owls that we saw way back in December.  It is even the same thrift store, same aisle, and same bottom shelf.  Luckily, we were able to remove this owl from its packing material, for better viewing.  No, don’t thank us, we love going the extra mile for our Loyal Readers.

By now, it’s obvious to all, that we struck the mother-lode of bad last week.  Really, it’s probably enough for two posts, but we believe in making hay while the sun shines, so here goes:

We spent a couple of minutes asking each other what occasion would this planter be appropriate for?  Our best guess is for the birth of a baby; the mom is too tired, and the baby doesn’t know enough to be afraid or offended.

On our honor as Second-Hand-Roses, all but one of these macrame masterpieces were on one end cap.  We fetched Mr. Frog from the previous aisle, to rejoin his comrades.

First, I must say, that macrame isn’t always evil–it can be good!  I have some cool Christmas decorations and plant hangers that are macrame AND attractive.   However, there isn’t any macrame of that kind on this end cap, especially if you throw in the pink and blue shell wind chime.  I believe that when an alien race lands on Earth, and becomes our evil overlords, they will look just like that macramed frog.

We took more close-ups so you don’t miss out on the mayhem too!

Really, the pictures say it all, but being us, we can’t resist a couple of comments.  The most benign piece of macrame in this collection,  has to be the bright blue plant hanger, and it still manages to resemble a poodle.  The ceramic froggy above has big googly eyes, just for that last touch of argh!

Wowsers, that was a marathon shopping trip.  For all of you that hung in there, here is a sweet little woven grass vintage parasol (whew, don’t say that too fast).

The decorations are embroidered, not printed, it’s lined with white satin, and the handle is made of bamboo and some cool clear plastic.  All in all, it’s a winner, and a bargain at $6.  No, we didn’t buy this little cutie; it really isn’t our thing, and would be a bear to display.  We hope someone else gives it a good home.

Well, that’s all for now.  We won’t be expecting such an extravaganza next week, but stay tuned for more Friday Finds, plus our Easter post.

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6 Responses to Foolish Friday Finds

  1. Matty says:

    I think the little boy is praying that he wants to be just as fabulous as Elton John when he grows up. And his sister is secretly praying and calling him a little witch with a B. LOL. Thanks for the laughs this week and all your hard work. 🙂 If I were you I would have needed a drink to recover from the madness!

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Well, we were both kind of wondering if this little boy might not have a fabulous future in front of him. We are so glad you enjoy our silliness, and yes we do occasionally succumb to a drink or two after a particularly “bad” day of shopping.

  2. Susan Drever says:

    Hi from a fellow second-hand roser in the uk…loving your blogs. I particularly loved this weeks offerings, especially the wooden man about to throw up in a bowl..perhaps his purpose is to remind any potential revellers on their night out, to watch what they drink, lest they end up like him later in the evening?!
    Also, couldn’t help noticing with the clowns that the middle one appears to have large ears and bunches in your photo…that poor guy really has NOTHING to smile about!
    Looking forward to your next offerings! x

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Gosh, we would love to see anything awful that you might find in the UK. Isn’t it amazing the things people buy and then realize it was a mistake? I did see the pigtails, or bunches, coming out of the sides of the middle clown’s head (from the statue behind him). I forgot to make fun of him–thanks for reminding me!

  3. Connie says:

    I think the little boy figurine is secretly praying to be moved away from his sister given that his maker decided to craft him in a perpetual pucker. Ewww… nothing like a little family incest.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      It’s so funny what people are seeing in the praying figurines–we also were wondering if there were more than familial feelings going on. They are a creepy pair for sure!

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