Alone Again, Pitiful Friday Finds

Deb had the nerve to go off to Florida this past week, leaving me on my own to carry the torch, or use a torch to set fire to things, or whatever.  Luckily, our summer intern was available yet again, to help out.  Otherwise, I would have been so pitiful, I would have been chatting up the Goodwill regulars, and they don’t seem to find things as amusing as we do.

I spotted this hat right off the bat, or maybe I needed to use a bat.  Somehow it has to look like a dead bird perching on your head when you wear it, doesn’t it?  In its favor, it was in pristine condition for a vintage hat.  Wonder why?

I have heard that these figures with the Big Ol’ Eyes are making a comeback, but I have enough trouble with my hubby and son looking at me like that when they want something, to care for having my knickknacks giving me the same look.  Please someone take it home.

This next clock totally baffled both my intern and me.  I don’t believe I have ever seen such a collection of randomness on one object.

Yes, the girl with the cat is sitting under a silk and pipe cleaner palm tree.  Yes, there is a weird monster thing on the clock face, and yes, the whole shebang is attached to that black base.  I am totally baffled by the whole idea behind this, unless they were just trying to use up spare parts.  “Hey Fred, no one liked this figurine, attach it to that clock, it will be sure to sell that way!”

I know we have mentioned our abhorrence for lumps of gold disguised as home decor, but this is just about the lumpiest one I have ever seen.

A lumpy cherub holding a lump of ??????  I probably don’t want to know.  To be honest, the camera brought out more detail than actually showed in the store, if you can believe it.

Please brace yourself for a trip back in decorating bad taste.  This has just got to be the worst color ever invented.  The years have not improved it.  I always wondered what everyone was on, who thought this would be a good color to live with everyday.  Maybe they had a cat with a hairball problem–nothing like camouflage if you can’t cure a problem.

It would have been just awful to come home with a hangover and be faced with this, then again, maybe that would have improved it.

Deb and I have both become experts at snapping shots of people’s carts, and sometimes it is just so fun.

The feet sticking out just cracked me up.  However, my intern was truly disappointed that he didn’t spot the flamingo first, as he has a mild case of the family disease (collecting-itis) and flamingos are his item of choice.

Now, I need help with this last item (I know you all know I need help, but that is not what I mean!)  I have to admit to purchasing it, as it was only $.99, and I was dying to spread it out, and take a photo.  This is just about the biggest design I have ever seen, and for the life of me, I can’t decide what you were supposed to do with it.  To its credit, it was hand-screened in Hawaii (says so on the selvage), but I totally know why it is uncut after 40 years!

It’s an amazing design, but stiff as a board where it was printed.

So, if you have any suggestions for possible uses, pass them along.  The best one wins a gold star posting on our blog!

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12 Responses to Alone Again, Pitiful Friday Finds

  1. Marilyn Heckendorn says:

    Can’t tell the size of the printed cloth. . . Stretched out and framed as a picture? You see lots of cut printed cloth in HI like this. I always supposed they were for pillows. I think I may have even given one to Deb. . .she always knows what to do with these kind of surprise gifties! 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    The Hawaiian thingy… I don’t know how big it is, but could it make a cute tablecloth for a summer BBQ table?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I wonder if it would attract wildlife–as in bees or wasps? If you were lucky, you might get a humming bird!

  3. Marie in NY says:

    How big is the piece of material? If it’s big enough…I can see it being made into a throw pillow for use outside on lawn furniture.

  4. Terri Gold says:

    You can use your .99 hand-screened Hawaiian fabric piece under the cat’s litterbox if you are so inclined. The hard paint area will be easy to wipe up.


    • Terri Gold says:

      Hope you know I was kidding…
      I, too, have purchased many vintage prints. They stay neatly folded in my fabric closet. It looks nice in there. Hehe.

      • Second Hand Roses says:

        Lol, not to worry–your suggestion was funny. We love the idea that you have a fabric closet; we only have fabric amoires.

  5. Carolyn E. says:

    How about a Green shopping bag? Or you could make a hat out of it and look like you’re wearing a flower.

  6. Carolyn E. says:

    Sorry, Green as in ecologically friendly.

  7. Connie says:

    I have to admit to a weakness of mine when it comes to linens. My orphans usually find a home covering a side table, night stand, huntboard, or other large table. I have even used a few (whose color schemes didn’t quite go with my home decor) as wrappers for presents. Then it is up to the giftee to decide just what in the heck to do with it. 🙂

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