We Get a Fan!

I don’t even know where to begin this week.  We had so many things hop out at us and say “take my picture” that you would think we were being overrun with rabbits.  No wait, that is for Easter.  So maybe best to start at the beginning.  Well, that’s what all the best books do.

So, we were all psyched up, as there was an Estate Sale this morning.  We have several companies in our town, that sort through estates, and sell the items contained therein.  We rarely buy much stuff, but we have a great time looking, and there is always some little overlooked item that has our name on it.  We went around the house, mostly yawning, and moaning over the prices, but did find a couple of things.  We almost missed this item, as it was being snapped up, just as we prepared to take his photo.

This was one honking BIG squirrel.  It was over 16″ tall, and must have weighed a ton.  We tried to get the new proud owner to pose with it, but he must have suspected we were going to make fun of his purchase, and declined.  He paid $35.00 for the honor of giving this a new home too.

After purchasing our bargains, we moved on to the local thrifts.  I spotted this bowl last week, but decided against removing it from the case for a photo.  Not sure it did much for Deb, but I liked it.  Who wouldn’t be cheered up by salad in this color bowl?

Our summer intern is out for spring break this week, and he came up with the next item.

Why do the manufacturers of stuffed animals feel the need to terrify children?  Isn’t there a law against that sort of thing somewhere?  This was either child abuse or frog abuse, take your pick.

These next three entries sort of have a theme.  Hmmm.  Wonder how that happened?  Bet they all came from someone’s souvenir collection.

1.  You went to Hawaii and brought me this?

2.  You went to Alaska and bought me this?

3.  You went someplace tropical and bought this?

I truly don’t think the Alaska one is all that bad, but pretty cheap, and it fit the whole theme.  If I had all those in one place, I would be keeping a supply of sheets to cover them up.  Sort of like you do to an annoying parrot.

While we were giggling and making snarky comments about the above items, a very nice lady stuck her head around the end of the aisle, and asked what we were doing.  Without missing a beat, we told her the truth. (Go Figure, after all the angst a few weeks ago.)

She thought the whole thing was hysterically funny, and immediately began helping us out.  She told us about some dolls a bit farther along the shelves, and we found this one.

I’m sorry, but there is nothing pretty about this doll.  She has some definitely possessed sort of vibes going on.  Tell me, would you trust this face?  This is the look Hansel saw just before the oven at the witch’s house.  I know it.

We had confessed to our new-found friend that we even sometimes took pix of people’s carts, if they had enough weird stuff in it, and she offered hers, but it was perfectly normal.  Then she came back around the corner with the cow rear end towel holder from a couple of weeks ago, and we had to admit, we had already taken its photo.

Then she went and found these (who knew that folks would be so helpful when they found out what we were really up to?).  They fit our vacation theme, and really go under the ????? category.

A closeup of the birdie bells.  Just what do you do with these–all four feet of them?

Deb then found these all on her own.  They were just too easy, but we had to.  This is what happens when you let men decorate a kitchen.

This man is now married, and the wife immediately tossed these and put some nice flowered chintz ones in their place.  (Sorry, fellas, I know there are lots of you that are awesome at decorating, this one just wasn’t!)

As we left, after having given our new-found friend our card (How many blogs do you know that have a CARD?),  we paused for one last photo of this planter.  I think you had better have another sheet ready to cover this one.

I don’t know, maybe it was a candle holder, as the eyes were clear glass marbles, so they could leer evilly at you.  I am sure when lit, it would also look possessed.  See doll above.

So, the moral here is, if you ever see two crazy ladies in a thrift store with a camera, feel free to help them out.  I am sure they need it.

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6 Responses to We Get a Fan!

  1. Sheila McClune says:

    All right, one of these Fridays, my friend Rivka and I are SO taking the day off to come up and go thrift shopping with you two. We always seem to entertain the folks around us with our running commentary at the thrift stores. Either that, or you could come down to Denver and we could show you some of our favorite shops. Either way, I think it’d be a hoot!

  2. Alrunia says:

    The ‘someplace tropical’ clock.. thing.. is hilarious. I can’t look at it and not crack up. That face. The eyes staring off into different directions. It seems to be saying “YES it’s a CLOCK, wanna fight about it?!”
    I wouldn’t go as far as to put it in my living room ironically, but I’d consider gifting it to someone to watch them squirm..

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      You are a person after our own hearts; we frequently offer to buy these things for each other, but the offer is invariably refused.

  3. Connie says:

    The squirrel cracks me up, however; I made the mistake of showing this blog to my husband to which he replied, “oh… that’s what I can do with the tree I’m cutting down”.
    Kinda makes me wonder if in his bachelor years, he decorated the ammo cans for his kitchen?

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