Am I Totally Losing my Touch?

I may need an intervention here!  Surely it can’t be true?  I went to the thrift store and saw cool stuff!  No really, I only took photos of nifty items, and I honestly didn’t spot anything that tripped my awful meter even slightly past Ho Hum.   This whole thing started when I had some errands to run ( by myself )  and well, when you are within a mile or two of the thrift store, it necessitates a stop.  I had my camera with me, so as these items were too fun not to share, here they are.  You may find them much more annoying than I did.  If so, let us know!

I used to collect vintage clothing, so I have a bit of a radar for it.  This beautiful gown just jumped out at me.  Darling lace dress from the 1930s.

Sorry, I didn’t get the whole dress in the photo.  It was hard to take a pic by myself, and I didn’t see a handy stranger to insist on holding it up for me.    Here is a closeup, so you can see how dainty the lace is.  My only problem with the whole thing is; that waist, couldn’t have been more that 24″ around.  So tiny, but the price tag sure wasn’t.  At $39.99 the store was dreaming.

As I cruised down the same rack I spotted this number:

I must say that a lot of folks would be turned off by this, but it surely is an amazing example of 60s fashion.  The quality of the sewing was perfection, and frankly, I loved it.  What can you say about the 60s that wouldn’t be improved by some magic mushrooms?

Did I say mushrooms?  Why do we think they are cute?  Well, it might be because this artist put cutesy little fairies with them.

Gonna have to confess that this one came home with me.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it, other than hide it from hubby, but it was too cute to leave.  On the other hand, the uses for said decals described on the back of the package, do fall into the horror category, so maybe I am not lost to all taste.

We have come across too many crafty housewive’s efforts in our past to condone ANY of these uses.

Now, I am not sure why this one amused me, but it did.  There is a whole genre of golden bathroom decor, and the majority of it should be melted down into door stops, but I liked this tissue box cover.

I have always been curious about the size of the tissue box that fit into these.  Are we just getting more snotty, or did Mrs. Cleaver just change the tissue box a lot more?

This last entry is in honor of Deb.  She has a weakness for tins, and if this one hadn’t had a dent on the side, I would have bought it for her, as I thought it was a lot of fun.  Love the sort of mod oriental design, and how can you go wrong with a tin with feet?

I am sure I will be back to normal with the next trip out, but just in case, someone send me a picture of their favorite awful item!

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3 Responses to Am I Totally Losing my Touch?

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I enjoyed seeing these things as well as the horrors you always find. Now, when I drive past the local Salvation Army thrift shop, I think of stopping. I thought I got rid of that desire. It’s back. I blame you. 😉

  2. Monica says:

    Love that 60’s dress!

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