Flabbergasting Friday Finds

It was a dreary, overcast day last Friday made even drearier by my lonely state.  Kathy had school book fair duties that would keep her from her appointed Friday rounds.  So I hit a couple of thrift stores where we always find something weird/bad.  For some reason, we have more trouble finding things for the blog when we are alone.  I guess our silliness is exponential when we are together, not just doubled, as theorized by our beloved spouses.

Before we get into the Friday Finds, I wanted to prove that spring is just around the corner–despite indications by the current weather.

My surviving clump of snow drops have come up.  Here, in Colorado, they are among the earliest of bulbs.  I’m always heartened by their appearance; spring weather can’t be more than two or three months away!

The first thing found is also spring-like, but in a bad way:

It should be pretty and cheerful in a majolica-chintz sort of way, but it fails to achieve the modest goals expected of it.  Instead, it is grating and wrong.  I particularly dislike the green color on the spout, and the shapes of the flowers, except for the tulips.  Those details knock this pitcher right out of pretty, and firmly into peculiar territory.

Speaking of peculiar–take a look at this clock:

Well, this is like shooting fish in a barrel, but we don’t mind the easy button occasionally.  I’m not a fan of harlequins, especially ones made of resin.  You can’t really see his face that clearly (you can thank my crappy picture-taking skills later) but he has a teardrop on one cheek.  Know just how he feels; I would like to cry after looking at him too.  The kicker about this whole package is that the clock is upside down!  I kept thinking that I had flipped the picture when uploading it, but no, that’s how it was put together.  If you were dyslexic like we are, you would never be able to figure out what @!#* time it is.

The next item isn’t as bad as the clock, but perhaps more perplexing:

If these are driveway reflectors, then you must be driving a tiny clown car, or a really low low-rider.  If they aren’t driveway reflectors, then what are they?  Anyone have an idea?

This could have been kind of cool, but took a sharp turn into creepy:

I can’t quite put my finger on where it went wrong; probably has something to do with its huge size–almost two feet tall.  Then there are those cannibal teeth.  I’m sure this is culturally insensitive, but teeth filed to sharp points give me the willies.  A relic of too many bad 1950’s horror movies.

This faux planter is just plain confusing:

Who is this happy about mops or mopping?  Someone suggested that mops is an acronym for mothers of preschoolers; however why would you make a planter with fake plants for mothers of preschoolers?   I’m sticking with my initial reaction as a planter for mops.

Then there are these pictures:

We secretly think these kinds of pictures are cool, in a warped way.  What’s not to like? Beads, sequins, and parrots make for fun art.  My only caveat would be its color; although now that I complained about the color, what would work better?

I have a True Confession to end with:

I bought this little picture last week.  It was on a black fabric backing.  When I took the frame apart to look at it, the backing was mildewy.  I changed the backing to acid-free paper, hopefully that will slow the yellowing of the silhouette.  As you can see in the second picture, the ribbon is stitched onto the paper.  I love little crafty things like this, and buy them whenever they are the right price.

Stay tuned for more Friday Finds.  We will be accompanied by our intern for the next two weeks; he is always good for a couple of horrors.

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