Head Scratching Friday Finds

Sometimes trying to figure out the why of Friday Finds is the most challenging part of blogging.  We spend time questioning why these things even exist in the first place.  Probably a more telling question is:  why do we find them so amusing?  If we knew the answer to that question, well, it would lead us to a whole new level of self-awareness that I, personally, am not ready for.

Thank goodness the era of country kitchen decoration is behind us–for most of us.  We keep finding remainders though, that should have been tossed a long time ago:

We ask you, our loyal readers, are cow behinds all that decorative?  Our answer is–only to someone who has never seen a cow’s backside in real life!  Not an image to be associated with a clean kitchen towel, that’s for sure.  This towel rack is even broken, and the owner still could not toss it.

Next up on our thrift store tour of WTF:

a simple pottery box–or so we thought until taking a closer look at the decorations.  There is some kind of fertility rite, Bacchanalia, or plain old orgy being depicted.  Hope the owner was some nice, near-sighted old lady.  Can you imagine her children’s faces when she showed them her latest pottery purchase?  Or maybe some adventurous couple kept this box in their bedroom, to store their special toys.  Sadly, we can only speculate on this box’s  history.

Now we are in the “did they really have to?” portion of our Friday Finds:

As Kathy says:  This has one of everything except taste!  It has to have been a misguided decoration in a little girl’s room.  Misguided, because kids can’t resist touching these fragile items; and once they do touch them, breakage is inevitable (there is a broken horse in the back).  What’s the fun of having something so fragile that can’t be dusted, much less handled?

This next doll was so much creepier than the picture shows, you’ll just have to trust us on that:

That face is a creepy clown in training, minus the red nose.  You can tell it’s collectible because it’s in a plastic tube to protect it ;- )  When people first found out I was interested in fashion dolls, I can’t tell you how many of these types of dolls they gave me.  It took some time and tact, really not my strong suit, to stop the flow of these into my house.  Truthfully, it was only two or three of this kind of dolls, but that was horrifying enough.  This picture is kind of a twofer; that cat next to it was pretty strange-looking, as well as being able to levitate.

What better way to show appreciation of sports figures and the medical profession than this?

For my part of it (Miss Piggy in the center) I resent being portrayed by a pig!  They are smart, but don’t represent a healthy life style, or the type of longevity that I’m hoping for.  If someone gave this to me as a token, it would be all I could do to say “Thank you” and mean it.

Let’s end on a positive note.  We have a fondness for these next dolls:

Did any of you play with a Topsy-Turvy doll?  I can remember buying the Little Red Riding Hood Topsy-Turvy doll for my youngest sister.  It had all three main characters on one doll–so cool.  I bet parents would love to have the ability to turn a bratty child upside down and discover the smiling child they wanted.

Hope this week’s finds were as puzzling for you as they were for us.  As always, we love to hear from you, or even better, publish your awful pics.

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6 Responses to Head Scratching Friday Finds

  1. Alrunia says:

    That box is a work of art. I’m not sure if this makes me some kind of a degenerate/decor criminal, but I’d buy it and maybe use it to store a years supply of Maoam gum.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I kind of liked it too, but only collect wooden boxes. I’m not a prude, so it could live in my house and viewers beware! But folks around here can be a little uptight, even about art; we were surprised to see nudity with sexual content on a thrift store shelf.

  2. Terri Gold says:

    Now wait a minute…I used to collect pigs. Those are cute. LOL

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and we know that we sometimes step on toes. Hope your “piggies” weren’t too insulted ;- )

  3. Sue says:

    Is it bad that I want that box? I can just see the look on my dear 80+ yr old Aunt’s face when she moves in for a closer look!

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