Fickle Friday Finds

Our Friday wasn’t really all that fickle, but it sounds good doesn’t it?  We are starting to warm up a tiny bit in our area, and that has us getting anxious for garage sales to start.  I am not sure why, but your average garage sale has totally different awful stuff than your average thrift store.  I know all the dregs of the garage sale end up at the thrift store, so maybe garage sales just have choicer junk?  Anyway, it won’t be long now, but for the time being, the thrift stores will provide.

Remember a couple of posts ago, we commented on the bad 70s figurines?  (Bumper Crop of Friday Finds)  Well, this week there was a plague of them.  Had to be someones ENTIRE collection, at least we hope they didn’t keep any!

We actually spotted a few more that didn’t hit the same spot on the shelf.  We were really worried about those blue fellows.  For heavens sake, give them some oxygen!  Close ups, in case they didn’t terrify you enough from a distance.

These next offerings really bother Deb more than myself, but I have never figured out the why of them.

What is so darn decorative about pickled veggies?  OLD pickled veggies are even worse.  You might as well fill them up with pickled pigs feet, and call it good.  Notice the wayward figures by the shoes, there were still more lurking on the shelves.

Apparently, the seventies were in vogue this week, as we came upon this piece of decorative art.

Could have been good, but it failed miserably.  Looks like a plant that needs sprayed immediately to stop the spread of the blight.  I am not sure, but it might be salvageable with a good coat of paint, but I am just not going to try.  These were even made in Mexico, and most of the time, the metal stuff from there is at least mildly cute.  Proof of makership on the bottom:

They sure were proud of making it that ugly.  I don’t think I have ever seen something from there marked this elaborately.

We actually liked this next entry.  Dainty shells made into a lamp shade.    It would probably be lovely with the light shining through it.  We just wanted to prove that not ALL shell art is bad.  It just seems that way, when you read our blog.

This next item was sent in by a Loyal Reader.  I missed this one in the first of her emails.  I think it was self defense on my part, but it is so blog worthy, that I had to include it.

Was it really necessary to show us what is in his pants?  I suppose it could be worse, it could be more anatomically correct, instead of just full of fertilizer!  What kind of plant could you possibly put in here?  Other than a really large one to hide the whole thing.  Even the cowboy himself seems to be embarrassed by his actions; his expression says it all:  Sorry Ma’am.

Just to give you a bit of relief after that last item, we have one more fun find to share.  We adored this nifty vintage electric fan.  Not so much the price tag of $129.00.  I think they forget that this is supposed to be a “Thrift” store.  The fan was about 20″ tall.  It was a really fun moderne design.  If it had been less, one or both of us would have been tempted by it.  Guess it was a good thing it was too expensive, it is so embarrassing to see two grown women wrestling on the floor over something!  (Actually, our taste is just different enough, and we like each other enough, we never really do that!)  We can sense which of us a thing was meant for, and being adults we hand it over.

We have added a contact page to our blog, so if any of you Loyal Readers have any finds to send our way, just drop us a line.  We love hearing from you.  Till next week.

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3 Responses to Fickle Friday Finds

  1. Hilda says:

    Oh boy, I bet that cowboy planter is supposed to have one of those cactus plants that look like a…ahem…baseball bat. How classy is that?

  2. Terri Gold says:

    That cowboy thing would do well as an ashtray. Think of the possibilities with butts sticking up out of his pants.


    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Ok, you and Hilda have taken this cowboy planter to a whole new level of ick! It would make a perfect white elephant gift for a redneck party!

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