Weaselly Friday Finds

I cannot hide a lie-I lied to a clerk at our local Goodwill when she questioned us closely about why we take pictures of things.  I tried my usual weaseling about taking pictures of things  for our thrift store blog–typically that satisfies the curious.  But this persistent questioner wanted to know what we did with our pictures; did we offer to buy things for people?  I admitted that we would buy things for folks, if they ever wanted them, but that wasn’t our aim.  I can’t remember exactly what I told her, but I’m sure it wasn’t the truth.  What started this whole conversation was a picture:

We could only see the top part of the picture on the left sticking out of a woman’s cart.  We thought it was a prime suspect for our blog, so we sauntered over, and waited to stealthily snap a picture of the whole cart.  I think the woman saw us taking a picture; the clerk certainly saw us photographing another customer’s cart.  Then, the shopper rethought her decorating idea, and put the picture back on the shelf (picture # 2).  While we were taking a photo of the whole picture, the clerk approached saying something like “Isn’t it gorgeous?  Why are you taking a picture of it?”  I have a hard time saying that I think the picture is funny, when they so obviously admire it, hence the weaseling.  Of course, Kathy wasn’t involved in any of the lying; she stood to the side and observed me digging a hole, and then jumping into it.  Smart girl!  My beloved spouse thought of a phrase I could say that is truthful, but ambiguous:  We take pictures of (chose one) unique, unusual, amazing, interesting, etc… things for our blog on thrift stores and garage sales.  He recommended repeating the phrase with another one of the descriptors, until folks are satisfied and leave us to our picture-taking.  Now I just need to practice until it comes to my lips automatically.  BTW, what do you think of the picture?  It didn’t turn out to be as awful as it looked in the cart.  But, is the silver/black bird holding a broken string of beads?  Surely that can’t be a worm!  I actually like the deco-style plant in the background.

Right after the first picture, we found another that pretty much sums up our relationship:

We had to scrape the tag off the glass to read it, but it describes our feelings of being separated at birth.  Of course, there are a couple of obstacles to that idea–I’m seven years older, and Kathy was born in Italy.  Hmmm, maybe it was a past life thing.  ;- )

It was a day for pictures.  This next one wasn’t necessarily bad, just very strange:

It was a flower and fern dipped in a metal ( bronzed, just like a baby shoe! ), and arranged on a black background.  The flower is pretty, but not a rare thing (probably rose family), and the fern leaves are very common.  Nothing was written on the back to indicate it had any special meaning, which made the whole thing mysterious.  We do spend a fair amount of time pondering the mysteries we come upon at thrift stores.  Why did someone buy/make this?  What is this?  What were they thinking?

Lord help us, there were two clocks on the same shelf that were hopeless:

It scares me to see those big-headed cherubs sliding down clouds next to their babysitting angel/mother?  Something is off on that saccharine sweet resin clock, even more than its size (over a foot!).  None of the expressions on the figures’ faces are quite right, and that makes it creepy.  That poor gold metal clock is broken and ugly–throw it out already.

We stopped at K-Mart to look at Barbie dolls in closed boxes, somewhat similar to the vintage Barbies of our childhood.  Walking out of the store, we saw this display in the garden statuary section:

Ok, if your aim is to scare the crap out of your neighbors, either of these “statues” would do the job.  Every time I hear a rattlesnake shake its rattles, I jump straight up into the air.  Why would you want that on a daily basis?  I’m sure the market for these things are men who live in trailers, out near the foothills.

At another thrift store we ran into a couple of unusual items.  We weren’t at all sure if this was a joke or not; they did have prices on them:

We know that people do buy decorative rock for their yard.  However, these aren’t that decorative!  Out here, these are the rocks you see on the side of the road, out in fields, probably in your backyard.  Why would you buy them?

And finally, why don’t we end on another picture?

First off, it’s The Owl and the Pussycat not The Owl and the Bunny Rabbit.  Owls eat bunnies–what sadist would have the two of them next to each other?  We have other problems with the rabbit picture–what is the deal with his right eye?  While it probably is his nose, it sort of looks like he’s trying to lick the carrot in his paws.  The owl is kind of cute, but he needs to ditch the bunny; Mr. Rabbit is just dragging him down.

So, off to our next adventure.  We have had loyal blog readers offer to come along on our trips, and all are welcome.  We could use you as a distraction for the nosy store clerks!

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5 Responses to Weaselly Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Great post! Maybe the woman took the bird picture out of her cart because she wanted you to have it. You helped her avoid a tragedy.

  2. Connie says:

    Good lord. Who on earth would make a cloud clock with cherubs and an angel? It looks quite cheap, poorly executed… oh wait… I have family that is into stuff like that. Thankfully, the cherub gene seems to have skipped me. 🙂

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