There Be Friday Finds Aplenty!

It’s hard to make a theme out of our latest Friday Finds; perhaps the most unifying thread is travel related items, including time travel!

We saw lots of cool dolls from all over the world.  It was obvious that someone traveled extensively, and bought dolls as souvenirs.  Most of the dolls were well-made, attractive, and representative of a country’s culture.  And then there was this one; he is much harder to categorize:

Is he a representation of a medicine man, a warrior; we aren’t quite sure?  There were no labels on him, no indication of the country of origin.  While there were duplicates of many “national” dolls, he was the only doll of his kind.  I could see him being a cool addition to a collection of native artifacts.  He would look sorely out-of-place with our Barbies and other fashion dolls.  Personally, without any information of what he represents, he gives me the heebie-jeebies.  We would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about this doll.

We have taken lots of pictures of shell vacation items.  We even promised not to take any more,  but promises are made to be broken.  These birds just cracked us up:

I’m worried about the bird on the left.  His head isn’t tilted, but there is obviously a problem with his one eye.  Poor thing!

Next up is a pillar candle holder that could have only come from Texas:

This baby is huge, more than a foot tall, and made of resin.  My eyes keep wanting to make it an old-fashioned water pump, but it’s really bull’s horn, with a horseshoe and star.  If this makes sense to you as a decorative item, please pick up your candle holder at our local Goodwill.

Someone must have picked this up on a trip to the Southwest, but it doesn’t really work for us:

Looking at this Dream-catcher, all I can think of is the abdomen from the Visible Man.  Sort of ruins it for a decorative item, unless you’re a G.I. specialist.

We were in hysterics trying to imagine the bathroom these next creatures graced:

I love vintage chalk-ware, but this isn’t the “good” stuff.  It’s the thin, brittle, cheapy stuff that looks all wrong!  These were grouped together on a shelf at a thrift store.  Obviously they came from the same place.  The sea horses were about the same size as my Bozo-sized 9 1/2 Brook’s Addictions (awesome shoes btw), and the angel fish were even bigger!  The coup de grâce for these poor things is the glitter.  Honestly, if I were orange and bright blue, glitter wouldn’t be the first accessory that comes to mind, uff-dah!

Our last little trip is back in time:

For such a talented seamstress, this person should never have been allowed near a fabric shop.  This jacket had to be designed by someone on LSD,  and it’s polyester to boot.  Its most appropriate use would be safety-wear for people who work on expressways, hunters, or crossing guards.  It would also be suitable for penitence; much more humiliating than a dunce cap, or more painful than a hair shirt.

That’s all for this week, and really this is more than enough!  We have seen some Valentine’s Day nightmares, so be looking for that post in February.

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6 Responses to There Be Friday Finds Aplenty!

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I’m so jealous. You have the best thrift stores. Around here people actually use this type of crap so our thrift stores are bare. Around here people also discard unwanted cars in their front yards. The other half of the population of Woodstock is stoned so it doesn’t matter.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      After visiting thrift stores while traveling, I have to agree that ours are pretty darn good. I never thought of Woodstock as a place where people have junk in their yards. The cleanest place I’ve ever been is Frankenmuth MI, a German community. They swept their sidewalks every day, and there wasn’t even one piece of litter lying around; but their thrift stores were probably bad too!

  2. Rhonda W says:

    Always look forward to your blog every week 🙂

    That said, that doll unfortunately reminds me of the old 70’s Trilogy of Terror Zuni warrior doll that Karen Black had! Heck that doll even has a spear just like the Zuni!

    The bathroom chalk ware is a hoot. My mom still has her’s hanging in her bathroom though her’s are the resin ones from the 60’s that are more popular among collectors 🙂 Personally, I can’t see having that stuff but it works for mom even though it still kinda scares me when I have to use her bathroom LOL!

  3. Karon Montague says:

    Aw, ladies….. You’re not wearing Bozo shoes until you’re in at least a size 12! 😉 Oh…. Thanks for the visual on the dream catcher…..UGH! For some reason I no longer really want my shredded wheat.

  4. Connie says:

    Mom had chalk-ware as well, though she must have passed on the glittery aquatic creature motif … and for the record… glad these ended up in a thrift store rather than at a relative’s house. 🙂 Though I must admit that I just want to draw Sharpie(tm) moustaches on them. It won’t help, but it won’t hurt them either. Personally… I think their best use is as target practice at a firing range.

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