Uhhmm… Thank You, I Think?

This is a short little post; I just wanted to show off a couple of Christmas presents from a very dear friend.   She totally gets the weird stuff fascination, and even indulges me from time to time.  While in Iowa visiting family, she came across this purse.  I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that her first inclination was to buy it for me!  Just kidding, Connie.  You admitted to being conflicted about your purchase, saying “You are either going to love it,  or hate it”.

She was right–I both love it and shudder at it!  It really is a salmony-pink color; the picture on the right is pretty accurate.  It’s made of a plastic/leather sort of material, an interesting choice, at best.  It would be pretty darn cute if it were chintz, and a little smaller–but no, it’s at least a foot long and a foot high.  I don’t know what the maker was thinking, but it has been purchased twice so far, and at least one purchase wasn’t a joke.

Watch out Kathy, I’ll probably carry this on a Friday just to see what people say.  You can look away, and pretend you don’t know me, if it makes you feel better.   This may also be an idea for a future True Confession/Weird Collection post–we should take pictures of our purses.

Connie was having fun with her gift-giving at Christmas, because I got this from her too:

It is indeed a lady bug made from an old bowling ball.  It’s yard art, so as soon as the snow melts, I’m finding a likely spot for my new bug in a flower bed.  By the way, this bowling ball is smaller than the teapot purse.   ;- )    I’m truly grateful to have friends that know me so well.  I love my presents!

So, have you ever gotten a present so god-awful that it was all you could do not to say “What the hell?” to the giver?  We would so love to see pics, or read your stories.  It’s wonderful that the internet grants you anonymity, the giver will never know that you are talking about their gift.

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3 Responses to Uhhmm… Thank You, I Think?

  1. Connie says:

    Okay… so have you been seen in public with the purse? Or perhaps I should ask if the purse has left the house? And for the record, given its size… what should one carry in their teapot purse? Bags of tea? Cubes of sugar? Tongs for sugar? Extra hankies?

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      It hasn’t made its maiden voyage in public yet, but I promise it will be soon. Maybe I can carry a mask in it ;- ) Just kidding, I am growing more fond of that purse by the minute!

  2. Tess says:

    I realize this post is a couple years old… but I really really want your purse! Been looking everywhere for one and can’t find it. If interested in selling it to me, my email is cmoore26@dmail.dixie.edu 🙂

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