Not so Latest Finds

Well, it must be winter, as we have both suffered a nasty cold for a couple of weeks.  Deb even missed shopping last week.  I valiantly went in her place, but nothing really jumped out at me.  Which can be a very good thing.  Who wants to be assaulted at a Thrift Store?  No wait, that is what we do!!  Well, lucky for all you loyal readers, we take more photos that we can use, and we actually took quite a few photos of things before we even started writing.  I went back to the archives, and dug up these items.  Can’t believe I waited so long to share them with you!

First up, the rabid feather duster:

No really, can you come up with any other reason for this thing to exist?  Well, maybe a REALLY scary voodoo doll.

Now this next item had us in stitches (pun not intended, but it works!) .   Luckily, this was only a quilt top, as the creator never had the nerve to finish it.

It doesn’t look too bad till you get close, and see the pained look on each of these girls’ faces.  I suppose if you had giant flowers growing out of your head, you might look like that too.

You really want to see one more, don’t you?

I applaud the quilter’s artistic vision, but like many of us, she did not have the talent to carry it off.  I figure she just gave up, unsatisfied, and never bothered to finish it.

Now these probably aren’t the worst thing you have ever seen, but they were over a foot tall.  I just got a kick out of the boy, who really just didn’t want to kiss on the lips, and really who could blame either of them?  It’s one of those Hollywood air kisses.

And last up is this poor girl.  She seems to be saying “Why me?”  Yes, you poor thing, we are sorry someone made you like this, and that you ended up on Goodwill’s shelf.  Wait, maybe she could be friends with the Rabid Feather Duster?

Hope you are not saying “Why me?” and are enjoying reading this.  Thanks for stopping in.  We are on the mend, and will be back on the trail of the worst in Thrift this Friday.

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