Neglected Friday Finds

What with all the holiday posts, and the holidays themselves, we just gave up on doing a Friday Finds post for the last couple of weeks.  This post is a mish-mash of what we saw, but lacked the gumption to post.

We tried a new thrift store south of town.  It is near the flea market area, and their prices reflected that proximity.  Yes, we are too cheap to buy things at flea markets–usually.  Never say never, but as a rule, we like to pay picker prices, not booth prices, if that makes sense to you.  The other problem with this thrift store is that it isn’t heated or cooled.  That can be a problem both winter and summer in Colorado.  If you are a corrugated building on a cement slab, lacking even minimal insulation.  We didn’t feel inclined to linger, but we did snap a few shots just because we had to.  This first item needed to stop at some point:

If the yarn flowers in any way coordinated with the fabric flowers, we would have just left it alone.  But really, even the fabric flowers don’t match each other.  They were all taped together like a bouquet, using floral tape, so this is what the creator envisioned.

We also saw this picture and frame, which we consider a fun thing:

This picture doesn’t do it justice at all; the store’s bare-bulb lighting made picture-taking difficult with shiny surfaces.  You’ll have to take our word that the print inside looked pretty cute, in a tropical sort of way.  The frame was really well done, unlike most shell stuff bought on vacation.  Dear husband just looked at this and mildly disagreed that it is a fun thing, can’t please everyone.

Just in case you need a reminder of what not to do with shells:I know we had put a moratorium on vacation shell uglies, but this is a clock, too, which has been a focus for us of late.  Plus, this is so bad we deemed it blog-worthy.  I think it might be kind of fun for doll photos, if they were posed in bikinis.  It was certainly big enough.

Next up is a covered dish, or bowl, box, or whatever, that caught our eyes because of its nasty, glowing, golden avocado green color:

It was the broken spire top that just put it right over the top.  On top of all its other problems, it is useless:  too big of holes for potpourri; too flammable for a candle holder; and too ugly to be decorative.

We were laughing at something else, when we looked up and saw these, all lined up on a shelf, to take the unwary shopper by surprise:

Please do yourself a favor, and click on this picture, you need to see these gals more closely.  Maybe you have an explanation for their lips.   If you are afraid to look at all four of them, here is a single closeup, now steel yourself:

I’m pretty sure, this little munchkin would punch you in the bean bags and steal your wallet, if you ever got close enough.  I just don’t get making little girls look like collagen injected hookers, and I have never been a big-eyed anything fan.  The two pictures on the right side are just bad clown art, but those two on the left are probably loitering on a dark corner in your town.

More bad ceramics assaulted us in this next item:

The lady looks pretty snarky, and who could blame her!  I might be a little pissy too, if someone affixed me to a white, ceramic violin.

I bought this for a friend who was attending a redneck theme party and needed a gift:

Although this item is technically “Hillbilly”, it should please the redneck decorator also.  At first, I tried to make it an ashtray, but it’s really a vase.  I also made her some earrings out of parts of a vintage plastic Christmas wreath.  Guess the earrings were a hit, they were claimed by the hostess for future events.  Sadly, the corsage is mine too  ;- )

Thanks so much for reading our blog; we want to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.  If you have any ideas for future topics, please send them along.  Have no fears for future posts; we, of course, have only touched upon the tip of our collections.  And there seems to be no end to the badness that exists in the hearts of thrift stores and garage sales.

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2 Responses to Neglected Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Are you two sisters? You look alike!

    The evil-looking munchkins with the puffed out lips look like Poppy Parker dolls.


    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Hey Terri,

      The pic at the end is my friend Vickie and her daughter going to the red-neck party wearing the hideous plastic bell earrings and corsage. Kathy and I don’t really look too much alike, but people often think I’m her sister–older sister, that is ‘- )

      I’ve often thought that Poppy P. has had work done.

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