We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Yes, really we do!  Not everything we find is horrible, and we wanted to leave you with a bit of joy, and to admit that we walk a fine thin line between what makes us laugh, and what comes home to live we us.  Deb and I both have a thing for vintage holiday ornaments and decorations, so many of these crazy things come home and grace our trees and our lives.  If it brings a smile, it is OK in our books.

Here is a nice selection of Angels and Fairies.  The first angel belonged to my Grandmother, and is one of a pair that have hung on my tree for many years.  They bring back memories of a lady that fostered my love of all things vintage and fun.   The others were added by me.  I have seen the fairy in pink too.  I do sort of worry that all of them are hung up by their neck, though they seem to handle it with grace.  Except the fairy who was smart enough to have a pin in her head!

Next are a few of my paper village houses.  These were originally designed to have lights inserted, so the windows light up.  I had a dear neighbor that had a fantastic set she set up this way every year.

Before there were stockings, there were boots.  I have seen photos of trees, in the 40s, with pressed board boots under the tree for each member of the family.  I found this one just a couple of years ago, and I loved that it was made to fill with candy.  The string draws the upper part to a close.  This one is in super condition too.

I didn’t buy this next item, but it was a near thing, and you can see why after all the other things in this post.

Loved his cute little face and broom.  If he had been a tree ornament, I would have had him in a minute.

Now this one might just cross the line, but it was so darn cute, and still in its original box.  I love that someone kept it so carefully.  It even came with instructions on how to put it in and remove it from the box, without damaging it.  It is a music box, and plays Jingle Bells, of course!

Now this next ornament illustrates why Deb and I hang around together.  We find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences, and shopping for each other is a breeze.  I picked up this little deer ornament because I know Deb has a soft spot for plastic deer.         (She is going to have to admit that soon!)  When I got it home, I noticed it said Rudolf on the side.  My hubby is one of the world’s greatest Rudolf fans, and decided he wanted to ornament, so I hung it on the tree and didn’t mention it to Deb.

I will let Deb pick up the story a couple of weeks after my find.

Deb:  We walked into Goodwill, and the first thing that I see is a bag of vintage-looking ornaments in the case.  We have them taken out, and Kathy sort of laughs and says she has a funny story.  She then relates the story of buying me the Rudolph ornament, but giving it to her husband instead.   It seems that the gods WANTED me to have those reindeer, and chose another vehicle to transport them to me ;- )  Here’s my picture of Rudolph:

There were five of them, so they can cavort with their old buddy Santa, and decorate the tree.

I do have lots of reindeer, and not all of them as cute as the Rudolph ornament.  I can’t really clearly explain my attraction to the following group, my feelings are best summed up by saying, “they make me smile”:

This is nowhere near all of them, but last year they weren’t put away together, so I have a trip to the attic in my near future.

I have great affection for vintage Santas, and own a few papier-mâché and plastic ones:

It’s apparent that I have a debauched Captain Morgan Santa of my own, for contrast purposes only.  The two taller Santas in the first picture are papier-mâché, so they can’t really be cleaned.  Don’t you love the expression on the tallest Santa–it looks as if he got goosed by a reindeer.

My favorite Santa of all time is my Christmas stocking made by my mom when I was a baby :

It’s not in the best shape, but at our age what do you expect?  I need to look in the storage tub to find the decoration that recently fell off the hat.  A funny thing about my stocking is the name written on the hand–see the circled area?  You should click on the picture and take a closer work at my sister Lori’s handiwork.  Several years ago I made her a replica of this Santa stocking and wrote “Deb” across the hand ;- )

I collect the little felt elves too.  I believe this little fellow here may have been the start of my elf fetish:

My mom had the Snap, Crackle, and Pop elves displayed at Christmas, and I can remember wanting them out all year.  They are pretty disgustingly cute.

The same day Kathy spilled the beans on the Rudolph story, I found a darling Scandinavian Christmas mobile in its box:

Love that there is a cat, in addition to Mama, Papa, Sister and two Brothers.

Being a baby boomer, our childhood Christmas tree was always decorated with Shiny Brite ornaments:

They are pretty fragile things, so not too many of our family’s ornaments survived to present day, but I have a few.  You can also find them at garage sales and thrift stores from time to time.  There is a really interesting, quick read about 20th century vintage ornaments at the OrnamentShop.com website.

Finally, people collect all kinds of Christmas trees, from aluminum to bottle-brush trees.  I finally gave in and bought a feather tree:

It’s a pretty ridiculous, but cool thing, like most of the stuff we collect.  I really bought it as a prop to use in doll photography:

If we wanted this to be the longest blog post ever, we could take pictures of our Christmas jewelry.  But we are merciful and understand time constraints, especially at this time of the year.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading our blog, and laughing along with us.  It’s been lots of fun writing about the good and the bad, but it’s even more fun to share.

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One Response to We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

  1. Terri Gold says:

    Waaa…I wanna see the Christmas jewelry!
    Wonderful and heartwarming post.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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