We Need a Little Christmas, just not these!

I am not sure why Christmas should bring out the worst things, it is supposed to be a season of joy.  Well, at least these things bring joy through a good laugh.  (Make sure that belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly!)

Here is a late entry in our Santa Category:

More crafts gone wrong.  Well, at least it matches the candle from the last post.  Make sure to take a good look at that jolly PINK face.  Always wondered why flesh colored yarn is never an option!

Now another bag Full O’ Goodies.  I think the folks in back really do have a good time with this.

Why a whole bag of bad plastic ornaments is necessary is beyond me.  Don’t you just love plastic birds? And pink plastic flowers?  And they had the nerve to put them all together!  Well, maybe it was better than messing up two bags.

Now if that first Santa didn’t scare you, check out this angel:

I thought angels were supposed to bring Peace and Joy.  I personally would be terrified to have this appear to me, and there is no way I would put that on top of my tree.

Speaking of trees, we have a couple of entries in that category too.

First up, a nifty tinsel tree.

And lest it doesn’t put you in the holiday mood as is, be aware that it lights up too!  Blinding isn’t it?

Or maybe silver is not your thing, and gold is what does it for you.   Beware, you would break Burl Ives’ heart if that were so.

Seems like a massive waste of a WHOLE lot of gold beads!  Probably sheds everywhere too.

Now, these last things cracked us up when we first saw them, but then we noticed they really meant what they had done.  They had price tags of $14.99 or more, at a thrift store no less.  If you wore one of these to the office party, your co-workers would be sure you had already had a bit too much nog to your egg, if you know what I mean.  On the other hand, they would be a slam-dunk winner at an ugly Christmas sweater party.  This first one has the added benefit of really bad macrame to recommend it.
No, not you, you say?  Try this:  Really, the stuff around the waist is SEWN on.

OK, still not right?  How about this understated number?  Never thought to raid the Christmas tree for my sweaters.

The really scary thing about all these, is that we took photos of only three examples.  There were more.  You could purchase one for all your friends, well, if you didn’t like your friends that is.  Thanks to Matty for alerting us to the ugly Christmas sweater contests.

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2 Responses to We Need a Little Christmas, just not these!

  1. Terri Gold says:

    The good thing about the sweater with the macrame is that if your friend is wearing it, you can use the ring to pull them into the bathroom and cut the horrible stuff off with whatever sharp instrument you might find.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Excellent plan, although I would be tempted to throw in a “what were you thinking?” comment while saving her from herself.

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