We Are Thankful For These Turkeys?

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and we are all encouraged to think about the myriad things that we are thankful for.  Since we have a warped sensibility, we are thankful for all the bad things we find.

I usually love these kinds of decorations, but not when they are giving all and sundry the stink eye:

Seriously, he’s considering who to peck first, thank goodness he only has a paper beak.  But he is more realistic than the next two decorative turkeys.

Just so we remember what real turkeys look like, here is a link to that noble bird.  Beautiful, he ain’t, but I still prefer the authentic to these two:

I’m thankful that these are candles, so they could be lit, burned, and theoretically improved.  Given the vast amount of lovely Thanksgiving decorations out there, why would you choose these two turkeys?  As an aside, exactly what are those things at the candle turkeys’ feet?

We saved the weirdest thing for last, drum roll please:

May we present Larry from The Three Stooges as a pilgrim doll?  I know, this is bizarre, but nothing says Thanksgiving and pilgrims like the Stooges–right?  We’re sure it’s Larry Fine ’cause the doll has a tag; otherwise Larry would be about my last guess.  However, my computer savvy, beloved husband pointed out to me that the Stooges played pilgrims in the short film, Back to the Woods. Soitenly, I reply, but why make a pilgrim Stooge doll?  OMG, do you think there are versions of all Three Stooges as pilgrims?  Now there IS something to be thankful for–not finding the other two!

We want to wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving!  We are truly Thankful for all our readers!!!

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3 Responses to We Are Thankful For These Turkeys?

  1. jeffery says:

    lol well that was funny, especially the candle turkeys i tried to figure out what those were too at his feet, can’t. But if you did find the other 2 stooge dolls imagine the collectible find you could have. Surely theres someone who collects stooges lol

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I shudder to contemplate a Stooges collection ;- ) If anyone will admit to being Stooges collector, I will run to the thrift store to see if this is still available.

  2. Connie says:

    Sigh…. I can relate to the paper turkey. My mother had a fascination with these paper decorations. Mind you, not all paper decorations, but the ones that you opened, revealing a round paper body. In addition to the turkey, we had a santa, easter bunny, and bells which were dutifully hung for high school graduations.

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