A Plethora of Plaguey Items?

Well, it’s happened again (to quote Car Talk), we’ve squandered a perfectly good day shopping for horrors!  Good thing we are totally amused by this, and do not see it as a waste of time that could be spent working, paying bills, cleaning house etc.  Actually, it’s not even much of a choice is it?

We started giggling before we even hit the door this time.  We were greeted by this:

Don’t see it?  Check out the close up of the small circled area.

Well, at least it’s cheap!

Ever wonder what people are thinking when they pick out wedding gifts?  I am sure this next item was given to some lucky bride, and bless her heart, she kept it in the cupboard forever.  At least she didn’t have the poor taste to use it.

I know that looks fairly innocuous, but wait till you see what is waiting for you inside:

What lovely pink swirly plastic.  Would you really have the nerve to serve your guests off something that ugly?

Now a quick reward for putting up with pink plastic, and to prepare you for the worst to come!  This describes us perfectly, well, at least our homes.

We are beginning to be worried about the tendency of awful clocks to follow us around and beg for their pictures to be taken, but yet again, one jumped out at us.

Who would put that ornate rococo face in a southwestern style clock?  Gotta love those clock makers’ catalogs, right?  I can see the poor artist looking them over, “Well, that’s all they had, Ethel, it was either that or Big Ben.”

Then we switched stores, on to one that is our becoming our favorite for awful home furnishings.  This week lighting was our featured item.  Really, lamps and lighting are some of the worst offenders of taste ever.  And they are such a large part of the decor, that it is hard to ignore them.  We spotted these first.

We can’t even begin to imagine the room these came out of, but I bet it was improved by the psychedelic mushrooms.  Actually, they sort of remind me of mushrooms.   We spotted some of these this year while hiking.  They seem to fit perfectly well.  Alice, your looking glass is waiting.

We had barely recovered from the redness of the above (for the record, red IS my favorite color, but even I couldn’t handle those) when we turned to behold this:

Pompoms, polka dot paint AND flowers.  They needed to be stopped.  Someone actually lived with this?  Surely it was a gag between a husband and wife.  A supreme power struggle to see who had the decorating upper hand?

Well, you’ve squandered a perfectly good five minutes reading this, and we appreciate it, as well as your comments!!

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