Friday Finds of Natural and Unnatural Kinds

Whew, all caught up on Friday Finds, finally.  Good thing, since it’s time for a True Confession, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so that means more Holiday Horror.  We’re talking holiday horror Second Hand Rose style, not family-style, just to be clear.

This last week was a strange one, even for us.  It was all about nature, but of course, since this is our bizarre blog, that means unnatural nature.

Fungus, check… moss check… rocks check–hey, what the heck are we making?  This isn’t a bad thing unto itself; maybe as a science project, a woodsy wedding decoration, this could work.  We aren’t sure why anyone who shops the Goodwill thrift stores would want this, or what would they use if for.  Any ideas?

Next up is some cabin decoration, Made in China style:

or if that doesn’t float your boat, how about this:

Last time we saw a moose or bear, their fur was brown–not pink!!!!  What kind of commie, pinko woodland creatures are being imported into the land of the free?  And that poor bear looks more like some tailless beaver, or marmot, than a bear.

Now this vacation ugly stopped us in our tracks:

As if purple plastic orchids weren’t enough, there are the ferny plastic tendrils, and a sea shell hanger.  Guess you could put the fern part in a fish tank, but the rest boggles the mind.  Hate to mention it, but if you enlarge this picture, and look at the bottom, there is another bad clock–eek, they are following us!

We even found some magic fruit (sorry Mozart):

Ohhh, it sparkles, maybe it’s vampire fruit.

We were on our way out, when these next things grabbed our attention.  Actually, it was more of an assault:


Dreamcatchers are a fascinating Native American symbol, and there are many gorgeous examples out there.  Then there are these three.  Made by someone who has no clue what a dreamcatcher looks like.  Of particular interest are the plastic beads and dyed feathers.  Thank goodness the maker didn’t include the wings and feathers of an eagle, along with the partridge and pheasant remains.  What sort of dreams and harm are these dreamcatchers protecting the owner from?  Personally, they would give me nightmares, if they were in my bedroom.

Lastly, we were having such a silly day that this thing made us lol:

Exactly what were they looking for?  And that bucket isn’t big enough (at least for me).

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2 Responses to Friday Finds of Natural and Unnatural Kinds

  1. Matt says:

    Seriously?! OMG…I don’t think I have anything nearly as good at the shops here! I’m kind of jealous that you have all the good ugly where you are! XO

  2. Second Hand Roses says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering, some of the dream catchers have been sold!

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