Clocks That Could Stop Faces–Round 2

We don’t know why, but the next week at Goodwill, there were even more ugly clocks!  Were we sensitized to their existence, or are there just a ton of lamentable clocks out there?

This one is so over the top–and GOLD!

We took two pictures because you wouldn’t want to miss one detail of this shiny wonder.  And speaking of wonder, where the heck would you put this clock?  Probably on your 1960’s white french provincial bedside table.  All french provincial furniture isn’t that horrible, fake kind of stuff that you see in the thrift stores and garage sales.  There is a cool website showing some pretty fabulous pieces called appropriately enough:  French Provincial Furniture.

OK, back to clocks.  This next one defies description–take a look:

The case is covered with pink upholstery fabric; the unpainted piece of light trim around the bottom just adds to the “HUH” factor.  And can anyone explain why there are bronze colored feet on this thing?  Good thing the Pooh clock is keeping it company; this is going to be one lonely clock.

Just because you read this far, we are including a bonus item as a reward:

These paper trays were just so cute, we wondered why they were never used.  Of course, they could still be used, but not by us.  We knew that if we took them home, they would sit safe and sound in one of our cupboards for 50 more years ;- )

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