Friday Finds: Clocks That Could Stop Faces

We went to a really fun estate sale last Friday; for a change we bought some things, and had a good time looking at the rest.  Here’s one of the best items we saw there, which we didn’t buy at the time, but who knows what happened on half-off day?

Deb, is just trying to torture me, as I am the one who buys cats, and no, I wouldn’t have this one, even on a bad day!

After the sale, we headed over to old faithful–our local Goodwill store.  It seemed that maybe someone had brought in their clocks, or maybe we just noticed all the awful clocks that were cluttering up the store.  This first one was in their showcase, if you can imagine:

I called this “Ugly French-Style Clock” but it’s really an Ugly French-Style Broken Clock.  The decorative frill is broken off the right side and the top of the clock, if you look closely.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but it was through the case and there was a ton of glare.  What mystified me the most is–what makes this clock worthy of being locked up?  It’s not particularly attractive, being swirled with a pepto-pink, and its case is broken, with no possibility of repair.  Finally, who would pay $12.99 for this?

This next clock is also sort of hopeless:

I applaud Goodwill’s efforts at recycling, but this is a broken plastic clock.  Even the metal colored pieces are plastic; the whole thing weighs about the same as an empty coffee cup.  Trying to figure out what decor this clock matches is mind-boggling; I don’t think it’s bad enough to be campy.  I suppose it would work on one of those cheap fake fireplaces, alongside a vase of 1960’s faded plastic flowers.  Maybe a sad clown picture over the mantle would be the finishing touch–glorp!

By comparison, the following clock is almost benign–but not quite:We try not to make fun of ceramics projects, the creators are trying to make the world a more beautiful place, no matter how successful their efforts are.  But … this clock was there,  we were noticing ugly clocks, and it qualified.  That color isn’t the rich, chocolate color, like walnut, which I believe was the goal.  Instead it looks like poo, which is never an attractive decorating choice.  While heavy, it’s not that big, hmmm.  Maybe it could work as a door-stop cum time piece in a richly paneled library, just sort of blending in, so to speak.  Just hope it’s never detected by anyone with taste, or it will be a quick trip back to Goodwill.

We then came across this deplorable piece of bric-a-brac:

Where to start?  Peach and gold is never a favorite color combo, I really don’t care for bad Harlequins either–too much like clowns.  But the thing that bothers me the most is that these two bruisers really don’t look like ballet dancers.  I suppose he isn’t that bad, but she looks like a 1970’s Eastern-bloc female weight lifter in the Olympics.  With those arms and legs, I’m sure she could lift him!

After spending a lot of time bitching about vacation uglies, we found something we wouldn’t mind receiving from a thoughtful friend:

This is not to say we bought it, or even want some kind soul to rush out and buy it for us,  but it was fairly well done, and would work as a tiki bar decoration.

Lastly, this granny-square purse caught our eye:

Really, how could we have missed it?  I like granny-square crafts, given the right colors.  But there is no universe where neon orange, sunflower gold, and sage green go together–NONE!

We had a comment that we should take more pictures–you ask and we’ll try.  It’s only fair to remind you of the old proverb:  Be careful of what you wish for, you might get it!

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4 Responses to Friday Finds: Clocks That Could Stop Faces

  1. Robert Heckendorn says:

    I like the poo clock if it was well made and of wood. Not that I would own it. It is of an era that is no more.

  2. Matt says:

    Those harlequins will give me nightmares, thank you.

  3. Terri Gold says:

    You wrote: “But there is no universe where neon orange, sunflower gold, and sage green go together–NONE!”

    You have never been to Woodstock, NY.

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