Halloween Horrors!

I will be the first one to admit that Halloween is supposed to have something to do with horror, but the kind we find, is not what I think you had in mind.  I happen to love Halloween.  As a sort of True Confession I will share with you just one corner of my house.

Yep, completely overboard, but the rest of this stuff I wouldn’t have as a gift!

First off we have this item.

Who hates their cat that much?  Plus, I know of no self-respecting feline that would let that within fifty yards of them, unless you were wearing full body armor.  My cat will deign to dress up for Halloween on a limited basis, but he wouldn’t even look at the photo of the wig.

Pretty handsome, isn’t he?  I have to say that, or he would bite me for sharing the photo.

Recently, I have wondered how the color purple escaped from Mardi Gras to become a Halloween color?  Always used to be orange and black exclusively.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love purple, just wondering.  So we have explained purple ( not really, but go with me on this), but where did blue come in?

You definitely know why it was on the shelf.  What color vine grows blue pumpkins?  Probably puce.  Yes, I really do know what color that is, but it sounds yucky doesn’t it?

This next pumpkin tried so hard, it really did, but I just can’t put my finger on where it went wrong.  Perhaps the weird pinky orange color, the odd-shaped mouth?  I don’t know, but it just plain failed.

We have another pumpkin picture that really defies explanation–is he an Italian-style clown pumpkin gone wrong, or just a dreadful mistake–you be the judge:

My darling husband suggests that instead of putting a candle inside, it would be kinder to use a stick of dynamite.

Last, just in case you haven’t had enough of Halloween, we have this link to the worst Halloween costumes ever.  Pretty amazing collection of atrociousness, even for us.   Makes you wonder who was thinking what (or how much cold medicine they had chugged that morning) to think these would be good ideas.


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One Response to Halloween Horrors!

  1. Judy Rae Jackson- says:

    I am bouncing around your blog & as embarrassed as I am to admit this (I work at Target), those lovely (?) neon colored pumpkins were sold at Target for Halloween 2009. We all wondered what the buyers were thinking. Purple fits with the black & orange for a kind of gothic/punky feel, but BLUE? Yikes!

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