♫ Friday Finds Are Here Again ♫

It’s time for Friday Finds–hurrah!

Actually, we didn’t find all that much last Friday, and not all of it was bad either.  I think we are mellowing out, but that just might be the chocolate talking.

First up is a soup tureen, casserole dish, hmmm … you tell me:

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a cauliflower, but it could just as easily be a giant, puffy marshmallow getting ready to be a smore.  Or maybe a cotton boll (I loves me a pun).  Does anyone eat enough cauliflower to justify a cauliflower dish?  I personally love cauliflower, and all of its cruciferous buddies, but this is just excessive celebration, imho.

I have an extremely tolerant husband when it comes to home decor, he pretty much goes with the flow.  That laissez-faire attitude would be over in a heartbeat, if an example of this next item EVER came through the front door:

You may have noticed that the doll is missing its head; my dear husband suggested that the head saw what was done to its body and abandoned ship.  Wise move.

We’re violating our ban on vacation shell items, just because this next thing is such a great example of what is wrong with the whole genre:

As a souvenir this says, “We are in Shell Hell, and wish you were here!”  Just say NO!!!!!

Now for a good thing. It’s always wise to cleanse your palate:

These little bridge table-cloth/napkin sets were so crispy, they had never been used.  We have a well-indulged thing for linens, so we couldn’t really justify buying these samples.  But, that may change at half-price; we are suckers for a bargain!

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