Bits of Randomness

Every once in a while, it becomes necessary to clean off the bits of randomness that have gathered in our cameras.  Deb and I both hit thrift stores, even without each other, as well … there they are … right on our way to someplace else really boring.  Might as well have a little fun before the tedium sets in.  So, that in mind, these few things have struck me as a bit distressing, and needed to be shared.

Not sure why wall art has to be so awful.  At least with smaller items, you can stick them in a drawer, and pretend they don’t exist, but hang it on your wall, and there it is, in painful eyesight forever.  This first item is not the worst thing I have ever seen, but I really am allergic to avocado green and harvest gold.
This next item really bothered me.  The composition was not so bad, but why the string was added is beyond me.  It looks like something my cat couldn’t digest.  Don’t ask how I know this.

Hey, we saw an even more disgusting piece of “Texture Art” today; I’m sure this picture was inspired by an evening of  Indian food and heavy beer drinking.

Kind of makes me woozy looking at it.

This last item really isn’t awful at all, and could perhaps fall under a true confession, as I purchased this whole bag of things, but what struck me was the total disregard for anything that seemed like it goes together.  I always wonder what the people in the backs of the thrift stores are smoking that they feel the need to group items in this way.  The coasters are from some Slavic country, kinda on the cool side.  I actually have a large collection of swizzle sticks, and who doesn’t need a Playboy one?  The little animals are cute, although the fox was broken.  My son swiped the squirrel already, and my mom collects chickens.  Deb will get the little bit of lusterware, and I wanted the tiny tea set.  Not sure where that set of pink fish chop stick holders is going to end up though!  And the plastic bag pipe guy will just have to go!  And a fork?

Oh well, yet another thrift store foray ends in a purchase.

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