Deplorable, Distressing, Lamentable, Pitiful, and Plain Sad Friday Finds

Thank you for some new words to describe what we see most Fridays.  We seem to have struck a mother-lode of atrocious, abominable, awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, and unspeakable things last week.  We are throwing in two fun finds to try to achieve neutral shopping karma–good karma is asking too much.

Just to lighten the blow, let’s start off with something adorable:

It’s like a delicious orange sorbet of a hat–and we absolutely love that feather!  This might have been part of a True Confessions post, if it were just a little larger.  We both have a thing for old hats, yes I know, what don’t we like?  It’s just a mild infatuation though, we don’t have to buy them all.

Onward to the sad and pitiful:

These are pitiful and sad because they are Italian–what were they thinking?  No woman wants to wear a pair of Italian shoes with a butt-crack on the toe.  This isn’t the type of toe cleavage that anyone, except maybe a plumber, would find attractive.

However, we would probably pick those shoes over this deplorable dress:

Never, ever, good.  Those colors only belong together if you are deer hunting in the deep woods.  Even then, you would not be safe from retaliation; just hope the offended hunter is blinded by the light.  Remember how cute that orange hat was?  Orange can be fun, attractive, stylish, just not this orange, and not with that pink.

Lee Ward has a lot of explaining to do for this next item:

The words Mod and Broomstick Lace should never be uttered in the same sentence.  Still, wouldn’t you wear one of these awful outfits, including the hat, instead of the orange and pink dress?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Don’t worry, there is more, but at least it isn’t clothing:

How to describe this lamentable conglomeration?  The bird’s nest with eggs is nice enough, but what’s with the  basket vase below it?  Finally, the fern fronds, flowers, and trailing mystery fruit (pomegranates or cherries?) were the frosting on this mud pie.  Man, talk about your mixed metaphors!

I’m still trying to figure out what is distressing about this head planter:

Is it his vacant smile?–maybe.  Could it be the woolly caterpillar eyebrows?–possibly.  I’m not sure what sets our teeth on edge; there is an elusive resemblance to someone who just might be creepy.  Plus, imagine it with plastic ferns coming out of the top of his head?  Eeeeawe.

Last bad thing for today:

This goose plaque needs to lose some decoration (see above whatchamacallit).  Pine cones, wheat, flowers, bark, and then a flapping goose all on ten inches of wood, is just a tad too much.  There seems to be a vague religious vibe to this item–the pine cones make a cross, the flowers look like Easter Lilies, is the goose Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Now, I’m not sure everyone would agree with us, but we thought these purses were sooo cool when we were kids:

I could hardly stop myself from picking at those plastic beads, they were, and still are, irresistible.  I’m pretty sure these two examples came from the same closet.

Whew, this sure was a bumper crop of Friday Finds.  As always, please send us anything you find that qualifies as a Friday Find.

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