Friday Finds

We had a little trouble last Friday–we didn’t have a camera to prove that the ugly stuff really exists.  Two people, two cameras, you’d think we could remember one!  No problem, we thought, with our powerful descriptive skills, we could adequately portray the horror we saw out there.  But really, it was so much easier to just go back the next day and take photos; we knew this stuff was never leaving the thrift store via customer purchase.

It’s always sad when someone has an artistic vision that goes horribly wrong.  Take this “enhancement” of some simple truck-stop cups and saucers:

The second picture wasn’t gratuitous visual assault; we want to clearly communicate. that this was a failed attempt at carrying out an artistic impulse. I suggest that the next time this person has an urge to improve truck-stop crockery, that they stifle it, or don’t use mustard and ketchup as their media.

The next kitchen item could also make a “fail” blog:

I’m sorry, these kind of canisters need to be turquoise or pink; yellow just doesn’t cut it with copper, and I like yellow.

These next decorative items combine several of my favorite bad things:  gold, mirrors, large size, and over the top ornamentation.  Really, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel:

They were sitting next to each other on the shelf, surely they had to be from the same living room, and what a lovely bordello it must have been.  I like how the mirrored pieces have either fallen out, or gotten broken during some rough-housing, just the touch of class these pieces require.

Sometimes, I wonder if we have already seen the worst there is to be found out there.  These thoughts are quickly put to rest by items like the next two.  Truly, they had to have originated from the shallowest end of the gene pool:

I think this thing deserves some serious consideration for Ugliest Thing Ever!  It’s an ugly pink, which is always a good first step.  Add to that the silver touches, the feathers, the glittery bits, and we have a contender.

And before this was a Halloween joke, it was a joke of a tie.  Just look at that pattern:

The added decorations are just insult to injury.  I would love to see a sober person, even in the 1970’s, wear this with a straight face.

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