A Cautionary Tail

And I do mean TAIL!  This post is a follow-up to the “This is How You Do It” post on removing prints from an album.

I was working on removing a couple of more desirable prints from my book.  Everything was going swimmingly; got them out with a minimum of trouble.  Just one little hitch–I didn’t have a piece of glass big enough for the Hawaiian Maiden in the Moonlight print.  Not a problem, I will just rotate the print frequently, so it dries flat.

It was working fine, but here is what I found this morning:

I couldn’t make sense of this; what happened?  So I pulled the paper towel off and found this:

Eek!  She was perfect yesterday–what the hell was going on?  Was the print somehow damaged when I was taking it out of the book?  But why was the paper towel damaged too?

The explanation of what happened hit me like a poke in the eye; I had a helper, and her name is Shyla:

In the other post, I blabbered on about animal glue; well evidently, it’s pretty tasty, as well as being water-soluble.  I think Shyla nibbled the end of the picture sticking out of the t00-short-glass; it probably smelled like gluey food; either that or we have mice with pretty big teeth

It’s obvious, I either have to pick things up off the floor, or keep the door shut–who would have thunk it?  Luckily, there were two of these prints, so Kathy can still have a good one.  Mine will have a story associated with it; hopefully I can smile about it in a while, even a rueful smile would be OK.  Meanwhile, I’m adding animal glue to the long list of things Shyla can’t resist–tags on pillows, mattresses, footstools; any kind of netting; carved wooden figures, she is eclectic in her tastes.

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