The Bad and the Bargains

While Deb is blithely lolling about in bed on Saturday mornings [Deb:  Hey, I don’t loll…], my family and I hit the garage sales hard in the summer months.  This is probably why my whole house is bursting at the seams, but we find some really terrific stuff.  We also find some really bad stuff, as evidenced by the following post.

It was misting rather heavily this past weekend, so I think that is why we had a bumper crop of sales!  The weather report had said it was supposed to be 80, and all the poor schmucks believed them.  Wait, should save that rant for somewhere else!   Anyway, this sale had most of the items covered in plastic, but I was able to get a look at a few things.  Must say I would have given a small fortune to see this house put together before it was emptied for the sale.  First up was this “lovely” original oil painting:

Now really, what sort of decor lends itself to that?  Well, just as I was musing on that, I came upon the furniture that went with it.  There was a matching couch, of course, but I couldn’t get a photo of it, without ripping off the plastic, and giving them hope that I was crazed enough to buy it.

Sorry for the poor photo, but it was covered up with plastic, as who would want to ruin this fine piece of furniture?  I really wish I could have seen more of what was there, as I am sure I could have just taken a photo of everything in the sale, and made a wholesale post.

Now for the bargain.  At this same sale, I picked up exactly one item.  I asked how much they wanted for it, and the fellow running the sale told me I could just have it, as he had no idea why they brought out some of the things they did.

This lovely comb dates from the 1910s, and I used to sell them in my antique store for $20 to $30 each.  Not bad for free!  Just for future reference, I ran an antique store for about 10 years, but closed up in 1999 to take care of my son, so it has been a while, but I still keep up with the trends.
Now, this next item is a good and a bad at the same time.  How is that for stretching it?  Not sure if we’ve mentioned that Deb and I both collect fashion dolls, with a concentration in vintage Barbie dolls, so we are always on the lookout.  We hit up a garage sale that was full of craft items, and I found a box of doll things.  Most of the stuff in the box consisted of those horrible head, arm, and leg sets for stuffed dolls, but I spotted this, and was thrilled:

“Thrilled” you say? No really, you just have to get past the obnoxious cheap doll head on the body to realize it is a vintage Barbie body.  Not sure why they thought the attached head was an improvement over the original.  There was also a Bubble Cut head, and a Fashion Queen head plus two wigs.  All this, plus a piece of fabric and a bag of lace, for the grand total of $1.00.

After a trip to my work desk spa, Barbie looks like this:

All in all a VERY satisfying day out.  See, it’s not all bad.

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