Friday Finds

Well, time for a True Confession of another kind; I was attacked by a virulent virus this weekend.  I succumb to this bug from time to time, it’s best to just let it have its way with me.  Afterward, I always feel like I’ve been ridden hard and put away wet.  I call it My Bout of Adrian Monkitis; it usually manifests itself in a furious episode of insane cleaning, which can only sustain itself for a day or two.  Whew, I feel exhausted just talking about it, thank goodness it only happens once or twice a year.  But this little cleaning extravaganza has put me behind on my blog posts, sorry.

We ran into some really bizarre, three-dimensional “art” on Friday.  They must have belonged to the same person; surely there couldn’t have been two people dropping off such weird wall decorations at the same time?  Someone reassure me–please!

Exhibit A:

This 3-D homestead was about 4 feet across, if you could imagine.  I have a couple of close-ups, so you can see all those lovely details you might  otherwise miss.

Were these things ever cute?  In addition to that fundamental question, this piece of metal art has some problems with its proportions.  Look at the size of the doors on the house, especially the smaller door on the right.  Now, look at the size of the car, the bike, the hay wagon–is there any correlation here?  If you fit in the car, you could never look out the window without a ladder, or get up on the chair (on the left) without a boost.  Just because this is an ugly mess, I’m not letting the maker get away with shoddy work.  Have some pride in your badness!!

Exhibit B (has everyone put on protective eye wear?):

OMG, what is going on here?  These still-life pictures of quiet domesticity give me the shivers.  Worst of all, they could have been kind of cool with less metal, and more attention to our old friend, perspective.

Exhibit C:

Why was this ever made?  Why, why, why?  We might have been able to manage viewing the first two pictures, but this one just put us over the edge.

Well, sick of bad pictures?  I have a remedy for that–here is the nuttiest squirrel I’ve seen in a long time:

You can tell he has had more than one espresso–look at those eyes.  And for the love of pete, why does it have one gold ear?  On second thought, those eyes make this squirrel look like one of those gray aliens.

Lastly, this poor thing is never going to find a home:

When I first saw this poodle, I thought “How cool, a wooden poodle with green rhinestone eyes!”.  Boy, what a surprise when I picked it up, and discovered it was a lightweight plastic that had been painted to resemble wood.  Also, on closer inspection, that face might not even be loved by a mother.

Well, that’s it for this installment of Friday Finds.  Only the Shadow knows what bad things we’ll find on our next outing.

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