The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Revisited

My goodness, Friday was a good shopping day–both good and bad.  I have a True Confessions post coming after this one, and really, Kathy should do one too.

Let’s start off with the Good:

This is a genuine relic of the Thirties maybe.  The velvet is luscious, this handmade dress has French seams, and the lace at the collar and wrists is lovely.  I’m sure it looked wonderful on its original owner.  My only caveat is the tie at the neck–sort of unnecessary with a lace collar in my opinion, but that’s just a mild aside.  The kicker is, that it’s only marked $5.99, a real steal at that price.

I’m not sure which of the next items should be “the Bad” and which is “the Ugly”, it’s really a matter of personal taste.  So, we leave it up to you to decide.

Of course, you knew I had an opinion–when don’t I?  This is just bad, and I kind of think it was always bad.  I particularly dislike the greenish-gold color of the daisy flowers, and that orange has to go. Maybe the original owner was a young flower child, who liked to experience LSD flashbacks via her wardrobe.  I’m sure there are other likely scenarios to explain this dress, but that’s my favorite.

Dress number two (and yes, the numbering is deliberate!):

This polyester nightmare has nothing to recommend it.  I included a close-up of the bodice so you too could be frightened out of your wits.  And what’s with the lace under the bust and at the hem?  Really, is it meant to distract us from the patterns, color, you name it?  No matter what Deb says, I think this one was worse, but I have an allergic reaction to polyester.  Well, it’s as good an excuse as any.

Although it was a day for dresses, we did come across this small curiosity from Japan:

We think this has to be a napkin ring, but if so, it may be a Guinness Book winner for largest napkin ring at about 5-6 inches tall.  I’m pretty sure it’s in the running for ugliest napkin ring; who would want to look at those wonky eyes and scary proportions at the dinner table?  I know it’s supposed to be her chest under her head, but for the life of me, it looks like an incredibly long neck–Poor Baby!

Then we have a Whatchamacallit entry, found for us by the nice lady in the picture.  She was holding it in front of her face like a mirror, and asked us what it was.  Beats the heck out of me, but it makes a nice picture:

She was having a good time looking through shelves at the thrift store, laughing at the ridiculous, and buying the useful.  Sound familiar?

I’m going to sign off with another sort-of-good thing, kind of a full circle back to the beginning of the post:

Well, I’m not totally sold on the Cossack-style top, but the skirt was a really nice example–look at all those pleats!  The picture doesn’t do justice to the lovely coppery color of the trim.  This really was a great example of this type of 50s dress.

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