My True Confession (for today!)

Now it hardly seems fair that Deb’s confession looks pretty darn fabulous, and mine is just goofy.  I think she did that on purpose.  You all are probably pretty terrified by the imagined look of my house as it is, and now she is making me confess to this:

We passed these baskets on the shelf of one of our local thrift stores and both stopped dead in our tracks.  There was no question of whether or not they would make the blog, but then I had to go and look at the price.  Total of $2.50 for both, well, I will just have to take them home.  What am I going to do with them you ask?  Haven’t a clue!  Part of the charm of them is the sound they make when the little balls hit the side of the baskets.  I may just sit on the floor and play with them.  Ok, now you are really worried aren’t you?  Told you it wasn’t fair.

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One Response to My True Confession (for today!)

  1. Matt says:

    Cat food/treat holders.

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