True Confessions

Ok, here’s the first installment in what could probably be our most common post–True Confessions.  We typically buy something strange at least monthly; that’s just us, we are kind of strange.

Last Friday, while checking out, I glanced up and saw this picture, and really how could I have missed it?

I live in a 1950’s style ranch, and this picture is a perfect fit, right over our piano (sorry for the dark pic).  The picture is 52 inches by 24 inches, so it’s not a shrinking violet.  It appears to be air brushed,  as you can see below.  The style and frame are just so 50’s!

I’m not sure who painted it, here’s the signature:

It was $49.99, but I didn’t hesitate.  It was a one of a kind picture with a cool frame–seemed like a no brainer.  I am going to take the picture to a framing shop that does repairs.  The back of this picture has some problems,  especially where the wire attaches to the frame and with how the picture is sealed into the frame.  Can you say “Duct Tape”!?

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