Friday Finds, and a Couple of Thursday Throw-ins Too!

Wow, this post has two fabulous days of garage sales, instead of our usual Friday finds.  Every year we look forward to the Unitarian Church garage sale.  It is one of the best garage sales, year in, year out.  Not only are the prices right, and the items nicer than average; it is so well organized!   I talked to one of the volunteers, and they spend a week, organizing, marking, and setting up tables.  It’s a pleasure to roam around looking; we spent about an hour and a half there, and it could have been longer if we weren’t so darn busy.

Having bragged so much on the sale, it’s kind of embarrassing to put up a couple of pictures we took.  But, every sale has a clinker or two.

Clinker one will look familiar to everyone who read the post Good vs. Evil in fact, I wish I could forget it:

There must be a trio, since this is a drummer, and the first was a harpist.  Oh-oh, I’ve just had a scary thought, what if it’s a whole orchestra?  If you see another example, email a pic to us.  A whole bunch of these elves may knock the ugly bunny out of the “ugliest thing ever” spot.

Clinker two is just really weird:

We know why he is alone–no self-respecting hen would hang out with a metallic pink rooster!  And who was the Einstein that decided a pink rooster needed a gold comb?  Poor thing; Kathy should have “accidentally” dropped him and put him out of his misery.  But this is a fundraiser for a church, so we were good.

The rest of this post came from one thrift store.  Man, they must have unloaded a whole bunch of ugly last week.  Oh yeah, wanted to report that someone must have bought the Big Horn Sheep picture, it was gone.  Go figure.  The bowling clown was also gone; probably a gag gift, but maybe the world got a little prettier, and it’s broken.

First up is some puzzling Southwest art, and we use that term loosely:

Included two pictures, just to make sure you could see it in its full, mind-numbing glory.  The real question is why anyone would buy this in the first place, it was never good!  Maybe they just had some extra yarn they needed to use up.  Also, you must use your imagination to believe that this was over 2 feet across!

In fact there were two pieces of bad art.

This huge mirror, about three feet high, would have been much more attractive without the leaves.  The leaves, would have been a much more attractive picture without a mirror background.  It’s the two of them together that produced the eye-wrenching visual.  I’m also horrified by its price tag of $49.99.  Really, you think someone will pay that much???

This next thing must have been a Father’s Day present, there really isn’t any other explanation:

Surely, no one bought this for themselves?  It’s not even a nice silk, it’s polyester–ick!  I’m also trying to visualize the shirt and suit that this tie went with, and the picture isn’t pretty.

You know how we are always snickering at those crazy-colored crocheted afghans?  Well, know we know where the ideas came from:

To get the full glory, it would be best to click on the picture.  I can’t believe that anyone would ever think those colors would work on a every day basis.

Like the last couple of posts, we’re ending with a good thing.  I’m not sure about the color, but Melmac is collectible:

That’s all there was, the gravy boat and cups–we looked.  Not sure about the color scheme in a kitchen that would support lilac dishes, but Melmac stuff has its aficionados.

There was more, but some of it goes into the Christmas post.  The rest is going to be part of a new post called True Confessions.  We both have one for this week; Kathy thought it might be fun for you to see something we actually bought–especially if it’s a hard to explain item.  It will be much clearer after this week’s example–we both bought an unusual item.

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