Friday Crapicopia

Last Friday, we had such a wonderful day of shopping; there were amazing things out there, both good and bad. So, in honor of this we have a marathon post!  Let’s get to it!

This was the last thing we saw, but it’s going first.  Kind of a fair play thing, like when kids with a last name that begins with “Z” get to go first.  Plus it’s just so darn awful–we like to lead with a winner!

Now, if you’ve never seen a Big Horn Sheep in the wild, you might not be aware that they really have necks, unlike this fella.  I think he has gotten into one too many head-butting contests with other males, and has suffered a major spinal compression.  Or could be that the artist has (choose one, or perhaps ALL):  1. little talent, 2. never seen a real Big Horn Sheep, and/or 3. has problems with perspective.  Poor thing, I just want to send him to the chiropractor.

In the bad animal art section of our local thrift store, we saw this next example of the decorative arts:

It’s just so blah, why would you even bother?  We guessed that at one time there were probably a pair of them, but it didn’t improve upon multiplication.

Another weird thing we noticed Friday, were things that belonged in other posts, like these next items:

This pumpkin really belongs in the Bark and Wood and Moss, Oh My post, but may be as an egregious example of what people can do with this media.  The pumpkin looks like it has leprosy, or at least a bad case of eczema.

We have a number of posts documenting vacation uglies, usually incorporating shells.  Why should this post be any different?  And, it illustrates the theory that more isn’t really better; there are quite enough shells on this, thank you very much.

In the spirit of the Good vs. Evil, or Another Day at the Thrift Store post, here is a face-off between good and bad clowns.  I know we have a rule about clowns, but I can’t live by your rules, man!  Now, who said that?

If you doubt that the first figure is a clown, take a gander at the Bozo hair–nuff said.

And speaking of the  Good vs. Evil, or Another Day at the Thrift Store post, here is another example of a good, vintage, vacation handbag (Made in Hawaii).

Did someone say handbags?  This next item scared us silly–really!  I felt like getting a baseball bat and beating it to death.

I find the bottom gold decoration especially creepy; the purse looks like it’s smiling with gold-capped teeth.  If you squint really hard, you might even think it has a face ;- )   If our lives were a horror film, this purse would be scurrying behind us, trying to bite.

This next thing comes in many guises, but they are all united in their general badness.  But, I have to confess that I have several Christmas bead and safety-pin baskets; they also seem to live through the yearly winnowing.  Go figure!

This little gem is a candle holder.  Even ignoring the color, close your eyes–it’s easier.  The plastic beads would probably melt at temperatures greater than 98.6°F.  In the spirit of our running gag:  Kathy, I’ll buy you this for your birthday!  The problem with this kind of threat, is that, retaliation is likely to be even more painful.

Are you still with me?  It really was a fruitful day of frights.  As your reward for slogging through this long post, we have a couple of pretty cool items–in the right context, that is.

First up, this pole light was at a garage sale.  If you have a 1950’s style house, this decor would fit right in.  Take a gander at the kidney-shaped glass and mirror coffee table next to the lamp, like the sign on the lamp shade says, “Way Cool!”.

If the seller hadn’t wanted $175 for the lamp, it would have come home with me.  What can I say–cheap, cheap, cheap.

The next item definitely belongs in a Victorian mansion.  Kathy is standing next to it for some scale:

Can you imagine the fern that used to sit on this baby?  Of course there was a huge slab of green marble on top.

There was one more item, but you’ll have to wait for the post on bad weddings.  That one should practically write itself.

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