Good vs Evil, or Another Day at the Thrift Store

It was a tough day shopping, especially when you’re sneaking around doing Friday’s shopping on a Monday!  Friday the 13th  would seem to be a day made in heaven for our blog; it’s the day when amazingly bad things should be found.  Instead, Kathy was busy volunteering at her kid’s school, and I just didn’t feel good the whole weekend :- (  Hence the sneaky shopping on Monday, since I was supposed to do blog work Friday.

There wasn’t a lot to be seen, but what there was, was awful!  Take this item:

Where do you start with this one?  Maybe the streaky complexion, or what about the differences in the eyes?  The right eye doesn’t even look like it has an iris!  Then there is the pearl stigmata in the middle of the right hand.  I know it’s to attach the harp, but at least on the left hand it’s a ring.  I don’t even care that he is missing part of his left leg, that’s the least of his troubles.  And before someone suggests that this is a ceramics project gone horribly wrong, take a look:

How did they come up with $2.49 as a price?  Well, I wouldn’t pay $2.50 for that incredibly ugly thing, but $2.49–heck yes! Not really, you know it didn’t come home, don’t you?

This picture is to illustrate how cute fairies can look–even if they are chipped up and broken:

The green one’s hat is missing its tip, and you can’t even tell that he is holding a paintbrush in his right hand, while she is called Fairy de Milo.  And even with all their condition problems, these two fairies are a million times cuter than the first one.   Really, Japan isn’t that far from Hong Kong, you might think they would share some artistic sensibility.  Ok, just looked up the distance from Tokyo to Hong Kong and it’s 1774 miles, so they are far apart.   Maybe that does explain the difference in styles.

The next item was so bad it’s good, IMHO:

It’s got a vintage vibe, probably found on a vacation, and I think it’s pretty cool.  Now, look at this next purse, so you can see a straw purse gone horribly wrong:

Honestly, they were right next to each other, so chances are the same person owned them both.  This purse makes me think of the Caribbean, and a bartender yelling at a tourist, “Hey, Lady, quit playing around and give us back our coasters”.

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