A Quick Garage Sale Post

Decided to post a couple of small pix I took this weekend while attending garage sales.  It is that constant thrill of the hunt that keeps us coming back every week.  There must be something in that huge pile of stuff that has our name written on it!  Well, this past weekend we stopped at a gigantic, and I mean gigantic, church sale.  It covered the whole parking lot, and I was just positive there was something in there for me.  Alas,  nothing came home, but I did get a couple of photos to share.

Now there is nothing wrong with anything in this first photo, it was just the combination of things in this ladies hand that gave me a little fit of the giggles.

An antique cup, bocce balls and a large bug.  What more could you need?

Sometimes it is just the things that end up near to each other that make you shudder.  Perhaps either one of these objects taken alone would not be an issue ( OK, I admit, neither one is a work of art) but together they make you cringe.  Perhaps the expression on the mask says it all?

Now this last one sort of reminds me of several heads of rotting cabbage with veggies on top.  Who wouldn’t want to make that into a canister?  Not to mention, you get a whole matched set of cabbage!

Didn’t notice till I posted the picture, the small baby over to the side.  I was always told they came from under a cabbage leaf, so this is the one they come from?

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