Oh Lordy, it’s another Friday

Well another Friday has come and gone.  For the most part, what we saw could be classified as “mostly harmless”.  Of course, it’s the exceptions either way that we live for; we are so easily amused!

They say that confession is good for the soul, so I have to confess that I told a lie to take this first picture.  It was at a garage sale, and the owner wanted to know why I was taking a picture of her belongings; usually people just ignore us and we take a couple of quick pics.   I was surprised and blurted out, “My sister-in-law makes these trees, and I wanted to show her something else to do with them”.   I sure didn’t want to hurt her feelings by saying her tree was ugly.  Plus she was doing the right thing by getting rid of it, so really my work here was done.  Now, I just need to make sure my sister-in-law views this picture, and I can rest easy.  Whew, feel better already.  ( It was quite a whopper, and I almost laughed out loud as Deb told it!)

What is particularly bad about this tree, is the major infestation of birds at the top, but not all the way to the top.  It doesn’t matter that they are cute little bluebirds, too much of anything is bad!  That’s what made this go from “whaaa?” to “ugh!”.   Also, the tree  wasn’t the only assault on Christmas we saw at that garage sale.  I didn’t even try to take a picture of the angel with peachy-beige wings and plastic beads–shudder.  As always, I apologize that my pictures do not do these objects justice.  One of my projects this weekend will be to read the manual for my new camera; of course after that all of my pics will be flawless.   ;- )

We are thinking of doing a bad clothing post, but I can’t wait til then to show you this dress.  All that needs to be said is “The Seventies” with a shake of the head and a sigh.  What the heck were we thinking?

You know, there is a use for all of this ugly clothing–besides Halloween.  Wouldn’t Seventies clothing be useful on busy roads at construction zones and accident sites?  If you dress all the personnel in this kind of outfit, and they get hit by a motorist–you know it was on purpose.  No one could miss that kind of ugly. Much better than orange vests!   Might work for hunters too, “Safety First!” is my motto.  I always wonder why these items are kept for so long before they hit the thrift store pile.  Things that make you go Hmmm……

The next item is just pointless.  If you want to make porcelain statues, then make lovely porcelain statues.  It’s a waste of time and precious resources to make ugly ones.  Plus, someone has to go around breaking these horrid things as part of a “Keep America Beautiful “project.

You know, on second thought, I don’t think all of this ugly can be laid on the makers.  It looks like they may have had help from some amateur artists, especially on the clothing.  I do think the face paint is original, so what the heck is the deal with their left eyebrows starting in the middle of their foreheads?

Truthfully, some part of my antipathy towards these statues is due to their scornful expressions–the nobility looking down upon the hoi polloi.

Next up is some lovely candle art, which ironically, if you actually tried to burn these candles, you might improve them.  Especially if you stretch the wax and give these poor animals their hindquarters.

They have taken the noble eagle and lion, and turned them into weebles.

This last thing isn’t from a secondhand store, or a garage sale.  I saw it on the shelf at K-Mart, but my reaction was still “what the hell?”.

This just looks bad!  I love ketchup on everything–as a bar bet I once ate a WHOLE bottle of ketchup on one order of french fries–and this still looks yucky.  What do you think?  Are they worth a try?

Well, let us know if they, or anything else awful makes it to your house.  Till next week!

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