Shhh, I stepped out on Kathy

I know that we aren’t exclusive; we have an open relationship.  She shops with her husband, son, and a few others; I have been known to step out with my mom, sisters, or friends.  But, doggone it, I always feel guilty!   The other day on the way home from work I impulsively visited a thrift store we don’t usually visit, as it’s further a field than we usually roam.  BUT it is right on the way home, if I go just a tidge out of my way.

Glad I did, otherwise I would have missed this vase: Love that they felt compelled to include the wrinkles; like it wasn’t hideous enough.  And just in case you didn’t realize it was an elephant leg, they decorated the top with little cut out pachyderms.  But the icing on the cake was its huge size–it could have been cast from a real live miniature elephant.

Then, out of the blue I was knocked cattywampus by this pair of statues:

Please, do yourself a favor and click on the picture; I’m not sure mere words can describe them.  Not only are they gold (see previous rants on golden idols) but their expressions are truly horrible.  I believe the little girl looks like Jabba the Hutt, while the little boy looks like he may imbibe just a tad too much.  Probably ’cause he is perched near Jabba.  Wish they had cut back on the clothing and hair details, and put a little more effort into the faces.

I’ll have to stop by again; this thrift could turn into a reliable mine of hideosity.  I wanted to say crap, but beloved husband says “that is so low class”, so I won’t say it.

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