Another Week, Another Eyesore!

Well, this week was tough.  Surely, we have not run through all the horrible things in the world already?  I guess not, because we did come up with a few, but it was a combined effort, and from a couple of stores.  I must say though, that when you see these lovelies you will be shocked, as usual!

I know we swore we would not do Scary Clowns.  Just too easy, but this one was too awful to pass up.

This is supposed to hang over a crib.  So your sweet little newborn darling angel wakes up to this:

How much in therapy is that going to cost you?  Grandma shouldn’t have.  ( EVER)

Next up, we have a lovely Strawberry Shortcake lamp.  Whose idea were these plastic lamps anyway?  They should be melted into one themselves.  I really think the dolls are cute, but this goes just too far.  Not to mention they are on a spring, so they can sort of weave back and forth, and make you think you have been drinking, or should have been drinking!

This next item probably isn’t too hideous overall, but I was just wondering why anyone would feel the need to possess it, and use it in a decorating scheme.

The object at hand was well over 18 inches tall.  The harp our gentleman is leaning against has no strings ( must be some sort of subliminal “I hate Classical music” thing there) and for the life of me, I just couldn’t figure out what a person might do with him.  Maybe he is just dying to be made into a lamp?  Nope, that would push it right over the top.  For now, we will hope he spent most of his life relegated to a dark corner.

This next item is the opposite of the indolent gentleman above.  Again, why would someone want to look at this day after day?  Oh yeah, right. they didn’t–that’s why she is at a thrift store.  May I present:

the Mother of the Children of the Corn.  With her stern expression. and hand clenched around her rod, which is thankfully missing, you just knew there were no spoiled children in her home.  I was thinking of taking her home and doing a reenactment of the Salem witch burnings in my backyard; much better than the idea of her living in someone’s home and terrorizing more children.

And finally, thank goodness, there was this beautiful picture which its previous owner brutalized by painting white:

This is an improvement only if the original color were gold, which it probably was.  I’m sorry everyone, but the only place that all of these golden cherubs, pictures, and doodads will truly look at home is in a palace, or a brothel!  The rest of us, in our middle class homes, have no business trying to decorate with gold as an accent color.  I will grant some exceptions:  heirlooms passed down from those crazy Victorians, homemade presents from children that you just can’t hide, or items made of real gold.

Well, a pretty good haul between the two of us on our travels in the second-hand world.   Can’t wait to see what is waiting out there for us next week!

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