Friday finds, plus a left over!

It’s odd how we can go through most of the day and not find anything that tickles our funny bone.  A dozen garage sales, and all we did was whine about the prices of estate sales (don’t get us started!).  And then, just as all hope is lost we turn the corner, and the horrors appear!

First off, we have these “lovely” candle holders.  I’m not sure where they would go.  In your bordello room?  Well, at least they are nice an shiny, and the crystals are actually glass, so you might be able to use them as a spiffy sun-catcher.

Then we happened upon this fellow.

We couldn’t decide whether it was a dog tying to be a cow, or a cow trying to be a dog.  Either way, it is a pretty warped looking creature.  We deduced that this next fellow probably belonged to the same person.

Poor thing.  I am sure his mother loved him though.  Deb collects little dogs, and both of these items didn’t even get the slightest consideration.  (Despite the contrary evidence, I do have some standards!  Deb)

Under our category of “things NOT to bring back from vacation” we have this next entry.

Who did they hate enough to think they needed this?  Maybe they inflicted it on themselves, but in truth, macadamia nuts would have been a much better choice.

Now this last item is a left over. ( I guess no one wanted it the first time?)   I found it last week while going to garage sales with my hubby.  He, bless his heart, had to run home and get my camera, as I had forgotten it, but it was absolutely necessary that I share these.  This is a lamp.  No really, can’t you tell?  It is not a rabid Christmas ornament.

Now each post on the lamp had a shade, so the whole lamp looks like this.

AND, in case that was not enough, there were a pair of them, because,  what room would be complete without TWO of them?

On that note, I will leave you till next time.  Happy hunting all.

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One Response to Friday finds, plus a left over!

  1. Matt says:

    That dog needs a shiny red bow…then I’m sure Deb would accept him into her loving home.

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