Friday Finds–What a Haul!

Well, here I am on Friday eve finally writing last week’s blog … sigh.  But what an exciting day we had, both garage saling and thrift store shopping.  There were tons of excruciating eyesores out there just waiting to be eyed.

Except for this first picture, which isn’t a thing, but a who.  I love people who go to garage sales, they are such a hopeful lot.  This person is a prime example:

It’s kind of hard to tell, but believe me when I tell you, that there was a large suitcase hanging from the left handlebar, a full and heavy-looking bag on the right side, and her backpack was full.  If you click on the picture, it’s much clearer.  I’m absolutely sure she was heading to the garage sale a block north.  Optimists, you gotta love ’em!

I could have saved her a trip, cause these next two items were at that garage sale.  To be fair, there were some really cool vintage things there, but certainly a couple of clunkers too.

This piece of southwest decor was NEVER good.  I’m hoping it was a school project or something.  No one would really buy this wall hanging, would they?  Not even for fifty cents, right?

Of course, the same person had this picture, so I’m pretty sure they were decoratively impaired:

Poor Bob Ross, I kind of hold him responsible for the idea that anyone can paint.  This is an obvious counter-example!

We just might have to call a moratorium on shell pictures.  Like scary clowns, they are just too plentiful and easy.  But the ban will have to wait until after this post, ’cause I have two awful shell finds.

First up is the usual vacation souvenir, but it is so useless, such an egregious waste of brightly dyed shells, that it has to be included.  Really!  People!  Leave those poor shells alone!  I think it’s great to pick up some cool shells wherever you go; but for the most part, leave them out of your arts and crafts projects.

Gotta say though, you can see one of my “good” purchases in the upper right hand corner of this picture.  I’ll come clean–I love boxes; it can be a future blog post or two.

The sad thing is that the woven grass frame is a good example of the art.  Why would you put those stupid shell flowers inside it?  Here is a close-up, just because I can:

The other shell item is really puzzling; we weren’t really sure what these tiles were going to be used for, but there’s a whole box of them at Goodwill y’all.  If you look at them closely, you can see the expert application of glue.

Then our intern earned his lunch by finding this Jackalope bank.  Really, at least put real horns on the poor bunny–those plastic things are just pathetic.  And would someone explain to me why JackALOPEs always seem to have DEER antlers?  Just curious, thought it was supposed to be an antelope, but maybe those places in Japan have never seen one.  ( And maybe not China either, cause they are still making these!)  I mean an antelope, not a Jackalope, because I think they have an excuse for not seeing one of those!

I guess this next picture could more accurately be described as “whaaa?”

Are they for those folks who think that real candles are too dangerous?  Don’t they usually resort to electric candles?  This must be the Amish version–solid wood, even the flame!

Finally, this lamp was crying out to be photographed, no one would believe a verbal description.

I call it the place mat lamp; the only thing better would be two of them!  I should also say that this lamp was well over three feet tall.

So you see, we had quite a time shopping.  I haven’t laughed this hard since last week!

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